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(5) Things we love (and haunt us)…#113

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We got caught in the rain yesterday, the dogs and I. We left the house under a steel grey sky, scarcely confiding the stingy Californian clouds would open their faucets. But open they did, gently at first, then insistently. We ploughed on, happy to get wet, the dogs shaking their furs now and then. I can’t even remember the last time I got caught in the rain. New York, this time last year? On the way to the Beacon?

Wishing you a dry weekend.

kate mossOne. Are you still debating what to wear for Halloween? I love this look by Kate Moss from the 90s, found on Jackie Mallon’s blog. If you need them, Jackie has other suggestions too.

crochet exorcistTwo. Sofagirl, on the other hand, sent me the perfect idea for a Halloween gift: a crochet version of the Exorcist. File under: things I don’t need but deeply want anyway.

Halloween grapesThree. It’s a good thing nobody comes trick or treatin’ where I live: I would be very tempted to prepare a bucket of these.

Four. Now gather round. The cows did. Time for an animal video – it always makes the weekend better.

Raffaele Montepaone Calabria womenFive. And to round the shout out to the women who inspire, let me leave you with something truly  beautiful, which came from Manuela.  Photographer Raffaele Montepaone went to Calabria and photographed the region’s most beautiful women.


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