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Thought for the week #207

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gloria-steinemFifty was hardest for me, because it’s the end of the center of life, especially a gendered center of life. But by the time I got to be 60, it was like a new world. Society has given up because it’s all about having or raising children, really, and by 60 society doesn’t care that much, so you’re free. Seventy was certainly about mortality. And 80 even more so.

Gloria Steinem

Image copyright Annie Leibowitz


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  1. camparigirl

    We are indeed different. I welcomed 40 but dreaded 50. I think by the time I turn 60 I will have made peace with it. But my understanding of “youth” has also changed – I look at women in their 60s and old doesn’t come to mind any longer. I recognize there is still so much vitality. At least, that is what I am aiming for…

    October 17, 2016
  2. Isn’t it strange how we women react to certain birthdays…I was dreading my 40th, but then my darling husband whisked me off to go Hot Air Ballooning with some add-on surprises and it turned into one of the best birthdays ever. 50 never worried me, I had this idea in my head of how sophisticated women are when they are fifty (can’t say I lived up to the idea in any way). Two months before my 60th birthday I was moved out of my comfort zone of North London and found myself living in Beijing – that shook me up in more ways than one. Now I am 66 and though my body tells me otherwise, I don’t feel any different in myself than I did 10, 20, 30 years ago. I am often shocked that young people consider me old….old?….me?….not yet!

    October 17, 2016

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