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Month: October 2016

(5) Things we love (and haunt us)…#113

Posted in Things We Love


We got caught in the rain yesterday, the dogs and I. We left the house under a steel grey sky, scarcely confiding the stingy Californian clouds would open their faucets. But open they did, gently at first, then insistently. We ploughed on, happy to get wet, the dogs shaking their furs now and then. I can’t even remember the last time I got caught in the rain. New York, this time last year? On the way to the Beacon?

Wishing you a dry weekend.

Things I lost to the dogs and the lessons I learnt

Posted in Life & Love

PortiaLooking at Portia now, peacefully napping on her bed, the mischief that is perpetually swirling in her brain is not apparent. Yet, that scoundrel, aided and abetted by her brother, Ottie, have caused their share of havoc. Neither of them has ever chewed shoes or furniture, and long ago I learnt the trick of scattering a couple of cardboard boxes with a small treat inside before leaving the house, to be sure I will return to everything as I (mostly) left it.

Louise Bourgeois – the dark side of feminine

Posted in Things We Love

louise-bourgeois-portrait-photo-jeremy-pollard-copyright-1Sometimes I bookmark art that I see in magazines, or online, for future exploration. Most of the time, what piqued my interest in passing, on closer inspection, doesn’t end up moving me but, when I dig deeper, and find more about an artist who caught my eye and I fall in love with what I see, it’s like happening on a wonderful book you had never heard of.

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