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(5) Things we love…#109

Posted in Things We Love

campari-barrelIf I had to list the meta-causes that best represent me and define me, they would be: women, climate and animals. In a way, this offering is a pot-pourri of all of them.

Enjoy the outsides, while the weather still allows it, eat good food and have a brilliant weekend!

bear-iceOne. Loved how this chart/cartoon contextualizes climate change in history. Scroll all the way to the end and weep.



How to talk to strangers

Two. This is an interesting exercise, which came via sofagirl. While I am a pro at talking to strangers (I think one gets better with age), some of these suggestions would make me uncomfortable but piqued my interest.

Patricia Torres Linares -photo by Daniel Berehulak

Three. These eleven Mexican women were picked up during a protest 10 years ago and were tortured and sexually assaulted by the police, for no other reason than their captivity. 10 years on, the Mexican government has been dragging its feet, and the inquiry has yielded no arrests or punishment. These women, stigmatized, with their lives forever changed, never settled, and now the Inter American Commission on Human Rights is forcing a new investigation. Because violence cannot be settled with money Рall these women want is to see the responsible parties held accountable and receive the apologies and respect they deserve.

chrissy-teigen-tweetFour. Very different women here. I should know better than to read gossip on the whole Brangelina debacle but this tweet by Chrissy Teigen made me laugh.

Five. I restrained myself for a couple of weeks. It is now time for an animal video. No dogs nor walruses here. Just a very decent human being and his horse.


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  1. I confess I didn’t watch all the videos, but the horse one was amazing. I loved to see kindness, and how this man considers that blind horse his friend – we should all be more like him!

    September 25, 2016
    • camparigirl

      I love when he says “if I were blind, I hope they wouldn’t get rid of me”. We should always apply that metric towards our animals.

      September 26, 2016

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