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Month: August 2016

David Hockney: Yosemite re-imagined

Posted in Things We Love

yosemite suites4:40 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. I look up and the sky is a perfect shade of intense blue, so velvety I think I could touch it. If I turn around, towards the mountains, the blue dissolves into a hazy white, fading into the rock. On the opposite side, the sky mingles with the ocean, creating a smattering of stripes, from grey to baby blue and every shade in between.


Posted in Baking, and Food & Entertaining

Pissaladiere__French_Food_at_Home__002Yesterday I walked in a restaurant kitchen for a training session and the first thing I noticed was that, among the cooks, there were no girls: a common state of affairs until a few years ago, but things are changing. Women are more and more present in professional kitchens, holding their own, and no longer relegated to pastry only.

Love at the time of illness

Posted in Life & Love

think happy thoughtsThis story is not mine to tell. I stole it – a conversation with one of those strangers who, under certain circumstances, become intimate for a few hours, to then vanish forevermore. I should have asked for her permission to tell it but now it’s too late. I decided to write it because it poses an interesting conundrum – walking away from her, I asked myself “Would I do it? Would I go forward under the same circumstances?”

The mean reds and the places that tame them

Posted in Life & Love

hollygolightly1There is always a measure of magic in watching a classic like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” * for the millionth time: Audrey Hepburn’s face retains an exquisite beauty that never becomes dated; Givenchy’s clothes are still to drool over and, in the end, love conquers all and the cat gets a name. What is there not to like?

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