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(5) Things we love..#105

Posted in Things We Love

forgetting cartoonI am not on the beach yet but I will be in a few days – so my 5 things this week taste very much of sand and salt.

seinfeldOne. Do you remember that Seinfeld episode when Jerry and Elaine travel to the ‘burbs to visit a couple and their newborn? Confronted with a very ugly baby, they are at a loss for compliments that would not ring false. We have all found ourselves in the “ugly baby” situation, when we knew we should say something kind or pay a compliment and we don’t quite know what to say without being untruthful. Here is a primer (via Austin Kleon).

A loving young couple hugging and kissing on the beach. Lovers mTwo. If you are sitting on the beach next to your better half, here is an excellent questionnaire to pass the time. In fact, these are questions we should all ask ourselves, regardless of whether we belong to a couple or not – they might reveal more about ourselves than we would want. Thanks to Bonnie for reminding me of this.

suicide cartoonThree. Sofagirl and I, early on in our friendship, were close to a person who committed suicide, someone we had invited to join us on the Sunday he killed himself. Once the shock and the sadness were gone, we were left to wonder why we hadn’t seen it coming. When Sue sent me this cartoon, it made me think of JB and made me wish I had known more about suicide  then. Amani Omejer is a brave girl who worked things out by drawing.

adopting a dogFour. If you have ever rescued a dog, none of this will be new to you. If you never have and are considering it, this might nudge you in the right direction. When I look at Ottie and Portia I can’t help thinking they were the best financial investment I ever made.

willie-nelson-caricatureFive. Winner of the week.(compliments of sofagirl)

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  1. #4 is the winner for me! It’s just amazing how a rescue can be so happy when they know they’re safe and are loved. I’m currently fostering a little Serengeti cat and she was so starved for affection, whenever I gave her a cuddle it felt like I had just given her all the gold in the world, and then some. Best feeling in the world, this pure joy and love 🙂

    August 27, 2016
  2. This has been a very thought-provoking collection, particularly #2 (and also because I kept clicking on related links from #3…)
    I like what it says in the article prefacing the questionnaire: “mutual vulnerability fosters closeness”. Completely agree.

    August 27, 2016
  3. Winston Moreton
    Winston Moreton

    5 winners there.
    A sociology lecturer told my class in 1965 how to compliment the new parents and yip. Saw Seifeld and Elaine.
    The suicide in graphics is bril. Esp. the clock at the end. Can still hear the Rolling Stones singing that one.
    The sun not yet up in Lido – cool and calm but it will be a hot one on the beach by 10

    August 27, 2016

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