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Month: August 2016

Not just meatballs – a run through Ikea’s novelties

Posted in Home & Decor

kitchen cartA few weeks ago I trekked to Ikea in Burbank to look for a rug for my bedroom. Two hours later I left with no rug but with $200 of assorted merchandise I picked up here and there. The way all the Ikea stores are laid out makes it impossible to leave empty-handed but, on this particular occasion, the pickings were really ripe.

Hair and skincare fatigue

Posted in Beauty, and Health

Graffiti by Anastasia Brennab
Graffiti by Anastasia Brennab

A couple of years ago, once I got home after a fundraising lunch, I looked in the goodie bag that had been left under my chair, and found a pair of attractive bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I had read about these products online, in passing – clearly a well orchestrated media campaign, if even I took notice.

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