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Month: June 2016

(5) Things we love…#95

Posted in Things We Love, and Uncategorized

strawberry shortcakeI was a bit all over the map this week, mentally and work wise, and my weekend won’t start until Monday. June is ripe with graduations and weddings and this weekend I will be busy catering, with a lot of strawberry shortcakes on the to do list. Come Monday, I will be mostly horizantal, reading or otherwise idly occupied.

The woman card

Posted in Life & Love, and Women's issues

Hillary Clintony She came on stage wearing a long, white organza jacket over black pants and a smile that could not be contained. She was beaming, savoring the historical moment, proud even. And why shouldn’t she?  Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the very first female nominee of a major political party to the Presidency of the United States. It has taken long enough.

The introvert’s cheat-sheet to social interactions

Posted in Life & Love

dinner partyA few weeks ago I attended a gathering at an acquaintance’s house. Some of the guests were familiar to me, and I felt very comfortable with them, but others were completely new.
At one point I noticed how, perched on a stool, leaning against the counter, I was entertaining the audience with some of my stories, how easily I conversed with the guests I didn’t know, displaying a social ease that, to me, has never come easy.

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