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(5) Things we love…#95

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strawberry shortcakeI was a bit all over the map this week, mentally and work wise, and my weekend won’t start until Monday. June is ripe with graduations and weddings and this weekend I will be busy catering, with a lot of strawberry shortcakes on the to do list. Come Monday, I will be mostly horizantal, reading or otherwise idly occupied.

sexual assault statementOne. If you read just one thing this weekend, make it this one. You might have heard about the Stanford boy who was convicted of sexually assaulting a girl at a frat party and was sentenced to only 6 months of jail: being white, privileged and an athlete might have had something to do with it. Or so the blogosphere thinks. But the sentence is not the point: his victim read this powerful statement, to her assailant, in court and it’s the most courageous, articulate and chilling insight in the consequences of sexual assault on a woman and what happens when a perpetrator doesn’t take responsibility.

periodic tableTwo. From one brilliant woman to another. A 17-year-old Indian girl reworked the periodic table to mirror many, if not most, of the problems our world faces. She took the initials of each periodic element and came up with corresponding issues. How creative is that? (via sofagirl).

marriageThree. Alain de Botton can be  pompous at times but his theory on marriage made a lot of sense to me. Why you will marry the wrong person appeared in the NY Times a couple of weeks ago and I have been mulling over it ever since (by the way, it’s not a bad thing to marry the wrong person  so, read on).

Viggo MortensenFour. From marriage to fantasy. I was persuaded to go see Lord of the Rings (one or two or three, I don’t quite remember) only after I was told Viggo Mortensen was in it. I was pretty much awake only for the scenes he was in. I have always loved him, long before Tolkien made him a household name. I love the intelligent movie choices he seems to make over and over. And yes, he is very easy on the eyes. This interview confirms what I sensed all along. If you are fan, you must read it.

Five. Ever wondered what a baby alpaca sounds like? Me neither. Nonetheless, now I know after watching this video of a baby alpaca being freed from a badger hole and reunited with his mom. And it’s a weird and endearing cry.

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  1. The victim’s statement is numbing.
    You know that the word “stressed” is desserts backwards? I find that very significant. When you’re done feeding all those hungry graduates with lovely homemade treats like that one in the picture, sneak off and savor a few spoonfuls of your magical handiwork all by yourself.
    Love Viggo and helpless alpacas…and nice men who stop their truck and get out to help them.

    June 12, 2016
    • camparigirl

      I will never look at desserts the same way again now.

      June 14, 2016

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