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Month: May 2016

(5) Things we love…#92

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sophia lorenThe recurring theme that kept on popping up this week is women: the women in my life, friendships restored, the women who read this blog and the ones I am yet to meet. To honor them all, I have a bit of a feminist thread going on.
Enjoy your weekend: mine has a door that needs to be sanded and restored and a botanical garden in its sights.

Quick pasta with eggplant

Posted in Food & Entertaining

pasta with eggplantAt the very beginning of my culinary career, I briefly worked as a private chef for a lovely Hollywood couple. At least, I think they were lovely because I rarely saw them. Menus were summarily discussed and I would shop and prepare meals in their beautiful and empty kitchen, nestled within an empty house in the heart of a green canyon.

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