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Month: March 2016

Dust I must

Posted in Things We Love

virginia woolf deskLast week I was doing the floor rounds with the Director of the hospital unit where I volunteer and, as I often train others, we were creating a checklist of standardized tasks. While talking, I observed how he perfectly coiled and tied an internet cable: “Do you have a touch of o.c.d?” I blurted out, pretty insensibly.
He grinned “Possibly”. In my world, it was actually meant as a compliment but I am always mildly relieved when I meet people who seem more obsessed than I am when it comes to tidiness.

Charred Brussels sprouts

Posted in Food & Entertaining

Brussels sproutsCalifornia can get a bit obsessed over its vegetables. We can be a smug bunch, boasting our asparagus in February when the rest of the country is still figuring out a different way to prepare potatoes and cabbage but we mean well and, occasionally, we can come up with great ideas that spread to the rest of the world. How many more people are eating kale now because of kale chips?

What’s on your nightstand?

Posted in Things We Love

Old bedOn mine: an ancient alarm clock (still works); two men’s watches (I still wear a watch and like it chunky); an onyx ashtray (it reminds me of the person who gave it to me); a beaded elephant (from Africa); a pen (you never know when I might wake up and need to write); a Tiffany jewelry box (empty); the latest UK Marie Claire and a stack of books. Not that anyone ever asked.

Marching uphill, 20 years from now

Posted in Health

woman on boulderIn the last five days I achieved my goal of doing as little as possible. Sort of.
I came to a lovely resort outside Tucson, Arizona, to see the desert in bloom. And to read. A few margaritas might have been in the cards too, to celebrate the end of radiation therapy.
Dogs in tow, I alighted at the Loews – a very pet friendly chain – not sure what to expect. In my mission of trying not to do, I didn’t even have some research under my belt: no restaurants I wanted to visit; no museums; no tourist landmarks that had to be seen. I didn’t even know what, if anything, was a must see in Tucson.

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