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A sick day well spent being sick.

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

IMG_4127Do any of you have a drawer like this? It’s in my kitchen, it’s the second drawer down, I use it every day: it always looks like this.

Things get stuck inside other things, things get put in the wrong way round, upside down, unconfined, out of order. Things lie against the grain. Sideways on. I can never find what I want for looking. And it drives me bananas.

I tidy it every now and then. I lay the contents in the same direction, moan at everyone for not putting things back properly, and extract promises that all will try harder. Everyone nods and smile obligingly, but the next time I open the drawer… it’s chaos again. It occurred to me that the drawer is pretty much like life. We do our damnedest to keep things straight – but they just doesn’t work out the way we want it to. And maybe we should just learn to live with it.

Take yesterday – I woke up with a plan for the day. I got up, made scones for breakfast and the world tilted on its axis. I was nauseous, giddy, my stomach was in revolt, my joints and muscles sore. No partying the night before, so I must have picked up a virus. Nothing else for it – I went back to bed and slept all day.

And dreamt about that drawer.

zbxd1Z7I was digging through it, looking for a protractor. I couldn’t find the two pronged pointer under the bottle opener, salad tongs or meat thermometer. And was becoming more and more irritated. Eventually I slammed it shut –  whatever angles I was intent on measuring, remained un-appraised.

There’s nothing like feeling gut-sick to get you thinking about life. And so, when I woke: I did. Retracing my steps through various recent scenarios, checking if I had laid things the right way round. If I had gone with the flow or disrupted the symmetry. I came up wanting in some instances, ahead in others and about even in the rest. I made some resolves, I cancelled others, I reviewed my decisions. I vacillated.

And then I went back to sleep. By the time I woke again the contents of my mental drawer were straightened out. My stomach had settled and I was ready for a scone.

Apparently a sick day was what I needed to get my mind sorted. That and a body that is capable of healing itself. As the vegan sage said on Facebook: “It’s a beautiful thing to have lungs that allow you to breathe air and legs that allow you to climb mountains, and it’s a shame that sometimes we don’t realise that that’s enough.”

Well, that and a nicely tidied kitchen drawer.

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  1. silvia

    I could have written the first paragraphs myself: Second drawer down in my kitchen looks exactly like yours. And it’s one of most attended places of my small apartment, the one I turn to when I lose something. I love the way you converted it in a metaphore for life. Wise girl.

    February 3, 2016
  2. I have a kitchen drawer that sounds very much like yours! I am in fact a very tidy person, too tidy some would say but I need my messy kitchen drawer!

    February 2, 2016
  3. Know that drawer well. Perhaps you can remove some things from there too! Do you honestly use all those things and frequently enough to justify daily access? I find a good clear out gives clarity too. Would sort for you if I was there, as you know! x

    February 2, 2016
    • You’re on. There is a drawer needing a bit of a tidying in McG too.

      February 8, 2016
  4. Val du Toit
    Val du Toit

    Haha! I love it! Could be me. Except I have never formulated anything as potent as your wonderful philosophizing. Great stuff. I’m more than ever determined to take a drive to McGregor soon, at least for the next Poetry Festival.

    February 2, 2016
    • Is that McGregor in South Africa?

      February 2, 2016
    • Always a great time! Look for me there – short grey hair and a small furry pal called Jack.

      February 8, 2016

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