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Month: February 2016

Down the rabbit hole of incidental findings

Posted in Health

London graffitiIt starts innocuously enough.
“Can you come in on Friday for a CAT scan? We need it to map your radiation.”
And off I go, to don one more pale blue hospital gown, black marks painted on my skin to guide the alignment for the radiation machine, chatting with yet another pleasant technician while I would rather be home with my nose in a book.

Quick mid-week pasta: roasted cherry tomatoes, arugula and ricotta

Posted in Food & Entertaining

arugula and tomato pastaThe dogs and I stepped into the morning, the sun not quite up, and the Santa Ana winds whipping the trees. The Santa Anas, which can be bitter cold when blowing from the north, are now extremely hot, and kept me up during part of the night, knocking rudely on the windows and hissing through the screens.

The truth about aging feet

Posted in Health

Manolo Blahink pumpsI am a touch envious of my sister who, inexplicably to me, is able to spend entire days on high heels. She puts them on to go to work and doesn’t take them off until she gets home, whatever time that might be. In between, she will have negotiated with either driving or with the Rome subway system; getting up and down from her desk job; foraging for lunch in the center of Rome and, possibly, an aperitif with her friends before trekking back home. She says she is comfortable and used to it. I find it hard to believe.

If opposites attract

Posted in Life & Love

park benchI walked into the patient’s room, a pleasant-looking man of a certain age, and my gaze fell on the book sitting on top of the covers, a biography of Donald Trump. The tv was tuned to Fox News. I made the assumption this man and I had very different political views, confirmed by the conversation he quickly initiated. I was vague and neutral in my answers – I certainly don’t want to start an argument with a perfect stranger who just had a pace maker inserted in his chest – and walked out after a few minutes.

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