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Handed to me on a plate – a life of entitlement.

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12043126_10153098896243144_1465891234446122258_nI live in a country that has many divisions: race, religion, financial, gender, education, each accompanied by their own particular brand of entitlement. Sometimes I get frustrated by being included in that noun. But, even as I rail against the unfairness, I understand that it is true. As much as I might not like it, or want to admit it – I am entitled. I am protected by the gifts bestowed on me at birth, by the circumstances that existed in the place of my birth, by my education, by the options available to me because of all of these things.

But most of all – because I am wrapped in a pretty pink skin. 

I feel I have earned much of what I have been afforded and I have tried my best to ensure I never abuse the benefits of that skin. I have never felt I am owed anything, or deserve anything for which I haven’t put in the effort. But I am sure there have been times in my life when being an educated white woman with options has propelled me ahead of other people. Perhaps unfairly. Perhaps without me realising.

I saw this comic strip today and had to share it. Toby Morris, the creator of Pencilsword, gently and elegantly shows what privilege is. And what entitlement can result in. If we let it.  (if you can’t read the cartoon below – check it out here)




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    • sofagirl

      Thanks OLOTC – I have added the link into the post xx

      January 23, 2016
  1. Hah, being pink is indeed considered a privilege. How sad. This reminds me of when a friend of mine told me she was absolutely sure the reason she’d never been shot by a police officer (she was rowdy back then!) was for being white and female…

    January 22, 2016
  2. Loved the cartoons.

    January 22, 2016

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