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(5) Things we love …#74

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Artificial Sun TTE MODERN
Artificial Sun – The Tate Modern

A simple week of being back at work that passed by in a flash. I find it hard sometime to believe that time is linear – it drifts in swirls and swoops when I am on holiday, then hurtles by when I am working. This week I was going to include a calendar I saw in a magazine … starting Jan 1, you tear off a day at a time  – until there is nothing left at the end of the year. But that seemed too final and made me a little melancholy. So, I took my time and looked through the links, tear sheets, screen shots etc. that I saved during the holidays, and came up with these five. They cover life as I am living it right now.
12191733_1093688453975700_3120745032662561376_nOne. This quote: “The strange thing about daring is that it most ordinarily lies in the eye of the beholder. In each of our lives, there are brave deals made with the self that are deeply private and not for sharing, let alone for public consumption. But, on the whole, one woman’s perceived bravery is of the a simple matter of her following her instinct. I suppose what people call bravery in others corresponds pretty closely to what they find difficult themselves.” Tilda Swinton on Daring: From Impossible Wardrobes (with Olivier Saillard. Rizzoli)

The stars look very different today. Benjamin Schwarts
The stars look very different today.

Two. This cartoon: created by Benjamin Schwartz for the New Yorker. Nailing it as ever. Goodbye Mr Bowie.

Three. This Charles Bukowski poem: “The Laughing Heart.” read by Mr Tom Waits. Who is his own kind of poetry. “You are marvellous. The Gods wait to delight you.”  If you are feeling a little melancholy, this will cheer you up.

12208577_940752882671119_8770030512018171746_nFour. This Science: what makes us buy the things we buy aka the tricks stores make to part you from your money (via The Atlantic)tumblr_nzd7fhdy2h1qz6f4bo1_1280

Five. This Thought: from backstage at an old pizza restaurant/live music venue. Works when applied to almost every situation

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One Comment

  1. That’s a pretty fascinating article about the science behind sales. Only point that doesn’t seem to work on me is the snooty salespeople: if they don’t provide good service, I don’t give them my money. However, depending on the store, sometimes I like being left alone, and not being asked by every second salesperson if I need assistance.

    Love the quote in #1 too!

    January 16, 2016

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