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Resolutions 2016, sofagirl: keep it simple.

Posted in Life & Love, and Things We Love

10393894_817224634982597_9001505804267798253_nThere is a zen maze in McGregor, in the beautiful gardens at a retreat called Temenos. Each New Year’s Eve the maze is lined with candles in brown paper bags and the reflecting pond inside the small shrine adjacent is filled with fresh water. People from the village move through the gardens quietly, spend a few minutes beside the reflecting pond, take a piece of paper from the pile provided and write down something they wish to leave behind in the year that about to pass. Then they enter the maze with the intention in mind and walk the path ’til the centre. Once there, they drop the paper into a small brazier and watch as it burns, fanning the ashes gently into the night.

On the way back through the maze each focuses on a new intention – a take-forward into the year that is on the way.

I love the gentle symbolism of all this: a letting go and a moving forward. sofamom wants to come with me this year: we have the birth of a sweet tradition. Last year she wasn’t feeling well, so stayed home – this year she has her groove back and I can see she is content.

My water feature, bought in the zen garden.
My water feature, bought in the zen garden.

I am leaving a number of things behind in 2015. Happily, and without attachment. And I’m making only one resolution for 2016: to get fitter. More yoga, more swimming, more walking, more meditation.

Keeping it simple – always the best way to start anew.

Happy 2016 to you all.




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