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(5) Things we love (about New York)…#66

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Whitney rabbitI suffer from a bit of New York envy at the moment. All in all, I still think Los Angeles wins the race in the long run but this city dazzlingly array of options when it comes to virtually anything, so very neatly arranged within easy reach, just can’t be beat. And the energy is wonderful, if not sustainable.

Prospect ParkOne. Who knew Brooklyn was so….perfect? We chose to rent in Brooklyn not because we are such hipsters but because a 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan was outside the realm of our financial possibilities. And this little corner at the bottom of Fort Green has proved to be perfect. A walk along Prospect Park on a sunny day is mellow enough to calm you down from the madness across the bridge, and to make you wish for a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights. Doesn’t have to be next to Lena Dunham.

Frank StellaTwo. On one of our more serious outings, we tackled the new Whitney, because such hullabaloo has been made about it that we could not skip it. It also comes with a Frank Stella retrospective. While not a huge fan of his symmetrical and geometric paintings, I found Stella’s sculptures enchanting. The building, at the very beginning of the High Line is right smack in the trendy meat-packing district and it is a beautiful ensemble of steel, cement and glass. Walk out on any of the balconies along the seven floors and you will enjoy views of Manhattan and of strangers’ roof gardens.

gardening pipeThree. Here is a simple gardening hack even I can manage. Spotted somewhere, during one of our walks, in a beautiful gardening shop: a piece of pipe that can be cheaply bought at any hardware store, filled with dirt and some succulents. It also comes with a piece of useful advice…

chefs tableFour. Our pretty apartment comes equipped with a smart tv, meaning I can access my Netflix account on the big screen. Exhausted from days of walking, what better way to recover than sitting on a sofa (this one is grey and modern), with take-out tacos from Cochinita (more about that in the days to come) and a beer, watching Chef’s Table, a Netflix original 6 part documentary that explores the minds and inner workings of six celebrated chefs around the world: not only their food, and how they arrive at a finished plate, but also their challenges, their failures and their humanity.

Five. The hounds might not be on the sofa with us but they are not far from our minds. Our pal Steve Whitney started a line of pets’ beds, toys and other accessories that are chemically safe. All the materials are toxic free and farmed, milled and made in the USA. Sit.Stay.Forever is not only a responsible company, based in the Hudson Valley, it is also a stylish one. Nothing but the best for Ottie, Portia and Jack.

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  1. Maybe I’ll Stella up this weekend. You do realize I’d visit you sooner in LA than I would make it to Brooklyn! 😉

    November 6, 2015
    • camparigirl

      I really do hope you get over your qualms and fly to LA. Very different vibe from here but you will enjoy it. And, maybe, by then I will be able to enjoy a cocktail or two with you.

      November 8, 2015

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