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(5) Things we love…#60

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How I would like to feel
How I would like to feel right now

It occurred to me this week our lives are entirely predicated on other people doing what they are supposed to and doing it well enough: drivers obeying the rules; workers doing their jobs adequately; everyone following basic rules of civility. The world is populated with good people and people who do a lot of good. Mostly.

Peter Bouckert

One. The piece is called Tweets from Hell. Its subject is Peter Bouckaert, the Emergencies Director of Human Rights Watch, and its tweets: in 140 characters he depicts the hope, despair and desolation of the refugees and migrants who are pouring through the European borders. I chose one that embodies hope and youth but peruse the piece, or subscribe to his Twitter feed, if you want to know what the frontlines look like.


Fabiola Giannotti

Two. Fabiola Gianotti is one of the most powerful and smartest women you probably have never heard of: she is a physicist and the director of Cern, The European Organization for Nuclear Research and one of the  most respected research institute in the world. Fabiola Gianotti considered becoming a ballerina, has a knack for cooking and loves music and she can also tell you all about the Higgs boson. If there is proof that women can reach the pinnacle of science she is it. Here is a short piece on Fabiola’s ascent.

Pope Francis

Three. Even I have been swept up in the Pope-mania that has enveloped the United States. I am not a believer and I don’t think I ever sat through the speech of any Pontiff ever but yesterday I was late for work because I was glued to the TV watching the brilliant address Pope Francis gave to the United States Congress. In his gentle way, and halting English, Pope Francis shamed politicians on both sides of the aisle, and us all, by reminding us what it means to be human, to be compassionate, to do what is right. And get the job done at the same time. You can read the speech here (or you can watch the whole 50 minutes on You Tube).


Four. Ricky Gervais makes me laugh. Often. He just won an Emmy for “Derek” but I believe what he is most proud of is his activism on behalf of animals. And, in my book, that is enough to forgive him for all the times he is not funny.

Brunello Cucinelli ad

Five. And now for something utterly frivolous. I keep on seeing this ad in fashion magazines for really, really expensive cashmere: very creative thinking at whatever ad agency is in charge of the Brunello Cucinelli account.


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