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What is love? What is your greatest fear? The answer is in a Soul Pancake.

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

BeaParty-product-closeup_1024x1024Soul Pancake brought in people aged between 0-100 to answer some of life’s big questions. Well, not quite, they couldn’t find anyone 100 years old – but they did find a gentleman of 105.

In their first episode, they asked the question, “What Is Love?”


and in the second: “What is your greatest fear?”

Each piece is a great watch. So, pour yourself something you love to drink, cut a slice of cake or plate up some olives and cheese, sit down on your own or with someone you love, on your favourite chair or sofa and watch what four generations of regular folk have in answer to two of life’s most thorny questions. These eight minutes will make you smile, shed a tear and recognise yourself. I promise you this will be the perfect end to whatever kind of week you have had.

Both movies and the picture are copyright SoulPancake, actor Rainn Wilson‘s media and production company. They focus on creating entertaining, joyful, and inspiring content related to the human experience. The tagline of the brand is: “We make stuff that matters.” And it does. Check out more of Soul Pancake’s other offerings here.


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