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Abandoned Love – the art of public heartbreak.

Posted in Life & Love, and Style & Travel

tumblr_nt4910GUQP1uutv3jo3_1280Heartbreak is international. It’s global. It’s ubiquitous and equal opportunity. It comes when we least expect it. It never gets easier. And it is often the most private emotion we will ever have. We protect the wound. Picking at the scar when we are alone. Not admitting all of the truth to ourselves. Or others.  Especially others. Why would we want anyone else to know how unlovable we are?

tumblr_nt4910GUQP1uutv3jo8_1280But sometimes getting the hurt out there is the very act that turns heartbreak around. Turns the loss into a gain. Brings with it an opportunity to start anew.
tumblr_nt4910GUQP1uutv3jo4_1280tumblr_nt4910GUQP1uutv3jo2_1280Twenty year old artist Peyton Fulford offered that change to the heartbroken by asking people to send her text messages, email text and dairy entries describing their heartbreak. She took phrases that stuck with her and created banners – draping them across abandoned buildings: a poignant reminder of what had been lost. But an act of bravery too. And in that – the win.

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