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Month: September 2015

Two Perfect Sandwiches – avo and pulled chicken.

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rotisserie-chicken2-webI haven’t done much ‘from scratch’ cooking over the past few weeks. sofabrother is back on his Banting Diet (I refuse to use Banting or bant as a noun), and I have been travelling a fair bit … so home meals have been concocted from various bits and pieces left in the fridge. A favourite pastime of mine, as regular readers will know … using up every last scrap in the fridge or pantry to come up with an edible, preferably delicious meal. Especially when I want it ready in a hurry.

What if all we needed was love and a brisk walk?

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Love takes a seat

My mighty Ottie was not well: a funky skin irritation and a cyst above one eye, that was growing alarmingly fast, were worrying me. Time for a trek to the office of Dr. Martin, the urban equivalent of Dr. James Herriott of “All Creatures Great and Small”, a tv show I must have watched and watched again thousands of times.

(5) Things we love…#60

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How I would like to feel
How I would like to feel right now

It occurred to me this week our lives are entirely predicated on other people doing what they are supposed to and doing it well enough: drivers obeying the rules; workers doing their jobs adequately; everyone following basic rules of civility. The world is populated with good people and people who do a lot of good. Mostly.

Lazy apple strudel

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“Will you make me apple strudel?”
With old age, my mother has acquired a sweet tooth she never had before. Even when I was a child, sweets were always my domain and, left up to her, would not often grace our table.
Sure I would make strudel: it’s been a Summer of berry crumbles and pies, meringues and whipped cream, her favorites, but apple strudel was a new request.

To be or not to be … on Facebook, that is the question.

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

11987182_913853365361071_7324482408161835980_nI’ve decided to put a cap on the amount of time I spend on Facebook. It’s very easy to follow Alice down that hole into Wonderland, only to resurface an hour or so later (what with side visits to the myriad links in posts etc.) But, even an hour spent wandering around my feed each day equates to a full workday spent per week – and I feel there are more important things I could be doing with my time.

I will let you know as soon as I find out what they are.

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