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(5) Things we love…#56

Posted in Things We Love

Fila ad Sirio GalliI love to be pleasantly surprised, to have my expectations upended – proof that having expectations is foolish. This week, I am celebrating the unexpected.

One. Had she seen these creations, Marie Antoinette might not have cried “Let them eat cake”. Yes, these are actually cakes, made with a basic sponge, marzipan, food paint and a lot of creativity. The brainchild behind these cake sculptures is Georgia Rose Fairman, who having some experience in creating set props, a couple of years ago set out to make a different type of birthday cake: and the roasted chicken was born. Inspired by still lives and even by Lucien Freud’s nudes, Ms Fairman might have stumbled onto an unexpected new career.

Two. When my friend Lolly talked about her father Sirio, a graphic designer and illustrator long before graphic design became a hip profession, I didn’t have a clear sense of the quality of his work. Sirio Galli drew advertising posters, labels, and illustrations with an exquisite sense of style and color. His talents were recognized with a retrospective of his work on show in his native Florence. If I were Lolly, I would have my house plastered with her father’s art. And I am offering my walls for any overflow.

Three. The classic bookcase Billi was my first Ikea purchase: many have followed but fewer and fewer furniture items. My lack of a DIY gene combined with Ikea’s bare bone instructions and those obnoxious all-purpose tools are enough to bring on the shakes. But what if stylish, moderately priced furniture showed up on your doorstep and took three minutes to assemble? That is the aim of campaignliving, a site where one will be able to order an entire living room set, in that vaguely 50s style that has been popular for a while now, customized in different colors and fabrics. Prices between $500 and 900 and, above all, no assembly required.

Four. sofagirl used to be the tv addict but HBO, Showtime and Netflix have changed all that. It’s undeniable that tv has been enjoying a renaissance. When I started watching Masters of Sex, loosely based on the lives of Virginia Johnson and Bill Masters, who revolutionized the way we think of sex in the 1960s with the publication of “Human Sexual Response”, I didn’t have high hopes. But I love the show, especially the female characters, still trapped within the conventions and expectations of the time but already tipping their toes in the realm of sexual freedom.

Five. Summer brings guests if you live in a vacation spot or own a vacation home. I love having Summer guests, even if I make it very clear they need to be independent as I will not submit myself to yet another visit to Hollywood Boulevard or, god forbid, Disneyland. Most visits are successful and enjoyable; occasionally, we hit some hiccups. For anyone expecting guests or planning to be a guest at someone’s house, here are sofagirl’s golden house rules for guests.

Sirio Galli’s images courtesy of Triennale Design Museum Milan, Fondo Sirio Galli

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  1. Nice line up. I’m browsing HBO as we speak. The pig’s head had me rearing back from the screen and when I read the word “cake:” had me almost licking the screen. Playing with perception.

    August 31, 2015
  2. Those cakes look incredible! Probably the most impressive cake I saw (before these) was a spherical Earth cake with layers to represent some of the Earth’s layers. It’s amazing what some people can do with a bit of cake and marzipan.

    August 30, 2015
    • camparigirl

      It’s such an art. You can be an amazing baker but cake decorators are more visual artists than cooks.

      August 31, 2015

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