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(5) Things We Love …#51

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Found on anateresabarboza.blogspot.frI thought I would do a week of simple bits and pieces, perhaps things I wish I had thought of myself. Or perhaps just things that made me look at life or myself a little differently.

One: It’s embroidery – but not at we know it. Ana Theresa Barboza‘s needlepoint is weird and inspired and from Lima, Peru.

6098Two: Wise words: not sure who said them first. But I wish I had listened more often.

Three: Keeping track of time: Alyson Provax started the Time Wasting Experiment project in January 2009. Her goal: “documenting each and every way that I waste time. Part of the impetus for this project was an honest curiosity about where all of my free time was going. Working an eight hour day and sleeping eight hours at night still leaves another eight hours completely free. I thought that maybe I would discover some way to be more productive by tracking my wasted time. Not to say that I’m really any more productive than I was two years ago, but I do have a very different experience of looking back on each day.” Read more about Alyson here.

mainimage_object_alessiFour: Tears as inspiration: When designing a bottle for his own wines (on right of picture) Alberto Alessi used a lacrimarium as inspiration. The tiny glass bottle: 5cm tall and dating back to the first century bc Rome, was found about 60 years ago together with glass doves, a bronze comb and silver mirror in the grave of a young girl at Gravelloa. At a funeral, the tears of the mourners were collected in the tiny bottle which would be tucked into the hand of the deceased – their sorrow accompanying the loved one beyond the grave. And not in Italy alone – Shakespeare has Cleopatra chiding Anthony for the scant tears he sheds over the death of his wife: “Where be the sacred vials thou shouldst fill / With sorrowful water?” And The King James Bible translation of Psalm 56.8 “put thou my tears into thy bottle.” A fitting inspiration Alessi believes, because: “Tears and wine have a lot in common: wine and crying are as natural as each other.”


Draft_Resistance_BaezFive: This 1968 American anti-conscription poster tickled me. During the 1960s, folk singer and political activist Joan Baez encouraged draft resistance during her live concerts, and (apparently) suggested that women opposed to violence should go for men who were resisting the military draft. This suggestion soon turned into a poster featuring Baez along with her sisters Pauline and Mimi and was sold to raise funds for the Draft Resistance movement. Joan’s sister Mimi was also a singer: check them out here performing for the inmates at Sing Sing prison…. a couple of girls with guitars: “Thanks for having us here, some prisons don’t let us in, even” says Joan …“and they won’t let us out” replies a quick witted prisoner. Simpler times somehow.

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    July 29, 2015
  2. I’m always amazed at how the two of you are always finding beautiful art (in all its many forms).

    That time-wasting experiment is quite interesting too. Just the other day, I was contemplating how much time I spend each day just staring into space, thinking about something or just day-dreaming. I’m almost afraid to think how much it would all add up to…

    July 25, 2015

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