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Thought for the Week…#138

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

george steinmetz-camel-shadows-615A Cheyenne elder of my acquaintance once told me that the best way to find something is not to go looking for it. This is a hard concept for a scientist. But he said to watch out of the corner of your eye, open to possibility, and what you seek will be revealed. The revelation of suddenly seeing what I was blind to only moments before is a sublime experience for me. I can revisit those moments and still feel the surge of expansion. The boundaries between my world and the world of another being get pushed back with sudden clarity an experience both humbling and joyful.
Robin Wall Kimmerer
(from her book “Gathering Moss”/see her TED talk here. Image copyright George Steinmetz)

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One Comment

  1. I totally agree with Kimmerer’s thoughts. You can become too focused about looking and end up looking so hard that you cannot see. When you relax and just let things flow – hey presto, the thing you were after suddenly manifests itself. And as a scientist maybe you should study why that is!

    May 27, 2015

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