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Thought for the week…#135

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Jane FondaWhen women pass 50, in some ways, their lives get better. It’s like: Who cares? What do we have to lose not to be brave? We’re not in the marketplace anymore for guys. Our children are grown. So go for it.

Jane Fonda

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  1. I guess if we’re talking about age and not caring about attracting the opposite sex etc I would like to think that being brave would mean not turning to plastic surgery to preserve the illusion of youth. I know many women would shoot me down for saying this but I find figures like Helen Mirren, Vivienne Westwood, Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Patti Smith more courageous in these times and more especially in their industry…I know people say “If cosmetic surgery makes you feel good, then do it,” but wouldn’t owning how you look after all these years on the planet feel even better–if it didn’t make you feel inferior..? It’s this last bit that we as women need to wrap our heads around and it would be amazing to have more role models who help counteract this sense of inferiority…

    May 5, 2015
    • camparigirl

      I absolutely love this comment. And it gave me pause, because I have been struggling for a while whether to resort to some fillers/botox or even consider surgery, something I abhorred until 10 years ago. I have the wonderful luck of being married to someone who thinks I am the most beautiful being who ever walked the planet, especially without a stitch of makeup (yes, he is totally biassed) so I know it’s all in my head and in my personal process of accepting the changes afoot. But I also have the misfortune of living in LA where the people I know who haven’t resorted to Botox, fillers or chemical peels can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I saw a photo of Madonna a few days ago – despite all her work, she looks her age: her skin might be taut and smooth but the expression in her eyes has changed. It changes for all of us. You know what? I am rambling on. I will write a blog post. But, fyi, I saw Jane Fonda close-up a couple of weeks ago and, at 77, whoever her surgeon is, he did a wonderful job because she still looks like herself. Also, Helen Mirren has had work done – not drastic…still. If it’s hard for nobody me, I can only imagine when you look at your face on a gigantic screen. But I will write about it and you can all weigh in!

      May 5, 2015
      • I’ll look forward to your post. You’re beautiful and if your man thinks so too, Lordie, tear that doctor’s number into pieces 🙂
        Of course I realize LA would be pretty brutal in this regard. Think that’s why I could never live there.
        I saw Madonna on something last night and everyone weighed in on how good she looked. But then in the same breath they called her names like “desperate” and “irrelevant” and all kinds of other mean things. I deduced that they thought the doctors’ work was top notch but they had no respect for the 56-yr-old lady with the 20-yr-old’s face…
        And while I understand Jane Fonda looks “good,” to me there is also something a little ridiculous about her.
        I have always loved the truth in the Italian saying “da dietro liceo, davanti museo.” Mutton dressed as lamb is another. Can’t we women just be?
        Liam Neeson doesn’t need to recreate his face for jobs or acceptance …

        May 5, 2015
  2. camparigirl

    Advice I would do well to heed myself….

    May 4, 2015

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