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(5) Things we love …#49

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men on beach, Sarasota, FL, 2008, pg. 71-1031. “Two” Anne Patchett and Melissa Pinney
When Claudia and I set out to do this, to create Campari&Sofa together, it was the collaboration that appealed to me. While we had worked in the same company and occasional our roles had overlapped but we have never worked directly together.

Sure, somewhere down the line, I hoped, we would be able to make some money out of the concept in some way. Even set up our old-age – perhaps. That hasn’t come to pass, nor might it – but the beauty in what we do has been the creative endeavour, and watching it grow. And seeing the other’s work process. Similarities: I waver in continuing – she wavers in continuing (less than me, it must be said).  Differences: I want results – she wants expression. Without a doubt, doing this together has taught us more about each other – broad rather than deep. But depth is there too – in what impacts us. In the ways that we respond.
1422405295752So I was interested when I picked up “Two” in Exclusive Books the other day. It is a collaboration by writer Anne Patchett and her longtime friend photographer Melissa Ann Pinney and it made me smile. “Two” explores the concept of pairs: the comfort of, or loneliness in…  It is a series of short meditations on friendship, intimacy and relationships – and includes contributions from friends and contemporaries like Billy Collins, Barbara Kingslover, Richard Russo and Elizabeth Gilbert (her “Two Heads on A Pike” about her relationship with her proofreader is a standout for me) And it clarified what campari&sofa means to me. Wahini, somehow, in some incarnation; this is what I would like to do. Only better.

PS: If you haven’t yet – get hold of Patchett’s essay: “This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage” – as a head’s up – it is not what it sounds like. It’s actually the story of an unhappy marriage that ends quickly in divorce and results in a strongly defended refusal to marry that lasts many years. But eventually, it does lead to the happy marriage in the title. Well worth a read.
11.89aa5153230.original2. Sonia Rykiel
There’s a resurgence happening in the house of Rykiel – especially their pre-fall collection for 2015. Great clothes, excellent bags. And I want this one.
11146227_634824129950480_5693459140971347442_n3. Creativity as defined by Steve Jobs via Gaping Void
3617-14. Forma – Vietri’s green and blue crockery.
Made from the the strongest Italian stoneware. Created in Venice, a family business, designed by son Francesco Venzo – this is artisan at it’s finest. Each piece is hand formed and dipped in a rich green or blue glaze: with the different layers and depths of paint creating a unique look on each piece. I want it all.

5. Smith and Sinclair Alcoholic Pastilles
Now, these look like my kind of jub-jubs.They are handmade and come in six flavours including a pair of Gins: Spring Clean (with Elderflower and Thyme) and Gin&Tonic (Violet infused gin in a Lemon Sherbet coating). For non-gin drinkers … they offer Whisky in the form of a Classic sour (with grapefruit) or as Cake Icing (with Amoretto). And for Rum aficionados there’s a Mixed Berry Daiquiri (Summer Berries, Dark Rum and a Pink Peppercorn infused coating) or a dark Spiced Rum. UK friends – you know what to send me for my birthday.

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  1. Pictures might be worth 1000 but there’s always some good writing needed to market product. After Bryce Courteney talking about advertising and selling words in The Silver Moon. He was 55 when he made it as a writer.

    May 2, 2015
    • sofagirl

      IF only I was inspired with a story like The Story of One. I do have an idea though – but more pastoral … and practical.

      May 6, 2015
  2. camparigirl

    I have an Amazon gift certificate and I was waiting just for the right book. Will order it. And we will get to that too. Because, really, is there anything we haven’t been able to do? (other than finding Glastonbury on the first try – I still remember the pouring rain, the b&b we spent the night at, with communal bathrooms – having to wear the same knickers two days in a row and using the moisturizer someone left behind).

    May 2, 2015

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