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(5) Things we love …#47

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One: Across America, there are dogs of all breeds riding in highways and byways in motorcycle sidecar. “Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America’s Sidecar Dogs” is a fabulous documentary about beloved canine co-pilots and their motorcyclist companions.



Funded by a kickstarter campaign: “Sit Stay Ride” focuses on the dynamic and occasionally eccentric individuals who travel with their dog in a sidecar. It’s more than a travel story thought – it’s an examination of the importance of the relationship between humans and canines, the bond that exists between them and how that bond flourishes through the adventures they share. Just lovely. Download here on vimeo or buy the NTSC movie here.   25% of each sale will be donated to animal rescue.

Two: Otomi fabric
The Otomi are a group of people indigenous to central Mexico. Their traditional embroidery includes colorful, simple images of the natural world — flowers, rabbits, deer and trees — against a natural white cotton background. And it’s gorgeous. I have a white on white one I bought from a street market in Mexico City a dozen years ago – it’s serving as a bedspread in sofa parents bedroom at the McG house at the moment, but I am considering repatriating it to my own bed in Cape Town. I love Otomi fabric for its color and shape, but also because even though the technique is homespun and pretty ancient, it has a crisp, modern look. Hmmm – I think I might need to look around and see if I can find some more.

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Three: Chu Suwannapha’s Chulaap Collection:
I love what Chu Suwannapha has done in his most recent menswear/unisex collection. I’m not much of a print wearer. I always feel like I am carrying a giant neon arrow above my head when I wear anything more complex than a stripe, but I really do like how he mixes and matches the prints. And – I covet one of those jackets – in navy blue and deep pink perhaps – complete with the origami swans. Something I think I could wear well into old age. Failing that: I might just learn to fold a couple of origami swans of my own and see if I can work them into my wardrobe.

Four: How to graciously say NO to someone:
I saw this piece on the ever gracious Austin Kleon – he offers us a starting point through his sweet universal script. Works just as well in person as on paper … and, as Kleon promises – in pretty much every scenario.
No letterand lastly

54a297f5353f48e9826999bf7ae3cd163b952053_2880x16205 ways to kill your dreams:
Bel Pesce is a smart, sassy, witty and successful, thirty-something Brazilian whose talk I listened to during one of my dinner preparing TED sessions.In this short and lovely piece she outlines her five sure-fire tips on how to really screw up our dreams. Business or personal.They are:“Believe in overnight success, believe someone else has the answers for you, believe that when growth is guaranteed, you should settle down, believe the fault is someone else’s, and believe that only the goals themselves matter” Pretty smart.  Watch Bel Pesce’s talk here.

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  1. silvia

    Thumbs up for the Otomi fabric! Love it, can’t get it here 🙁

    April 27, 2015
    • sofagirl

      Have to buy it from the US and have it sent by Claude

      May 6, 2015

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