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(5) Things We Love …#35

Posted in Life & Love, Things We Love, and Women's issues

gravity-glue13I’ve had a few notes from friends asking me what the hell is going on. Seems the tone of my posts lately has been a bit serious – somber, bleak. “Everything alright?’ asked one: “need me to fly over with a couple bottles of wine for a good old chin wag?”. “Feeling your age, Wildish?” … “cheer up forfucksake” was another. (No guessing which came from a man).

Thanks for the concern folks – but I am in an excellent headspace, if perhaps a little contemplative. But that’s all good. It’s evolutionary, innit? If we aren’t moving forward, we’re moving backward. God forbid.

With that input in mind, I have decided to go for some frivolity/lightness in this week’s post.

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Uno: Never one to pass up on some lavatorial humour – I loved these pictures by digital artist Cristina Guggeri. And am fascinated that the Queen’s knickers are held firm below her knees. My g-string would never reach. More of Cristina’s work can be found here.

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Dos: What this man is able to do with just gravity and stones is just gorgeous and I keep going back to it. I don’t know how it works, and I don’t care – it makes me feel happy and a little in awe of Michael Grab. On the first pass, just watch, ignore the voice over. You will be compelled to watch it again and then listen. It’s worth it.

Watch the movie here.

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Tres: Lee Alexander McQueen left us with the most gorgeous legacy. This retrospective of his clothes will be showing at the V&A in London in April. I would love to see it. Maybe …. who knows … just maybe

Quattro: Every time I watch this short film by Pixar it makes me smile. It’s Jasper’s favourite, and when he was a little-little-little boy we used to watch it over and over. “Again, Thouzie, again”. I think we could all be a little more like the big bird.

ff-barbarawalters-6-14-13Cinco: Frank Sinatra sang about loving that his lady wouldn’t “dish the dirt with the rest of the girls”. What a great line! Tramp or no, gossip is dangerous on so many levels, especially now when everything goes viral – and no-one checks provenance. A woman I know (peripherally) learned the hard way when a friend inadvertently (hmmm) linked a private whatsapp message to a group forum (no, I have no idea how). The vitriol landed with a thunk and many tears later, three lifelong friendships have been irreparably severed. When she told me the story at the supermarket the other day, R was still shaking. This woman is a psychologist – but even her training couldn’t help her: she was devastated that it had been her doing. Barbara Walter’s words on the subject, are as smart today as they were 45 years ago – I thought they were worth sharing.

Gossip can be fun when it’s gossip about famous people who’ll never hear of your discussion and couldn’t care less if they did. For me, gossip about Liz and Richard [Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton], or Jackie and Ari [Jacqueline Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis], is entirely fair, enormously interesting, and probably completely untrue. But gossip about people you know is not only morally wrong, it is also tactically wrong because it almost always gets back to the person involved.

And don’t kid yourself into false virtue because you kept silent when others were lacerating someone’s reputation. You’re never just a spectator: unless you put a stop to it, you’re a participant.”

Her most piercing remark on our need to gossip comes almost as an afterthought ….

Sometimes people gossip just because they feel they must in order to be interesting.

Oh god, been there.


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  1. Just amazing the art proposal! You make my day, girl1

    January 26, 2015
  2. I’ve changed an entire circle of friends because all they do is gossip about their friends. I can only imagine what they have said about me when I’m not around.

    January 24, 2015

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