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(5) Things we love … #23

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  1. Truisms: Artist Jenny Holzer took over the empty marquees above theatres on 42nd Street in NYC.  Instead of advertising forthcoming attractions she posted statements that reflect her “uncommon sense”.  These truths almost have the ring of proverbs.  I love how she reorders the world. Saying what we may think – but seldom utter.

picture-of-parenthood-nbc-cast-photo2. Tribe: I chanced upon NBC’s Parenthood a few years ago – it follows the joys and misfortunes of the Braverman family. There is no violence but the kind life applies to our every day. The disappointments and the way their family suppers play out are real. And the show isn’t a vehicle for any one actor. An ensemble cast as the British would call it. Lovely stuff

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  1. Taverna: Alemàgou in Mykonos. I am lazy when I go on holiday. I can happily sit on the same beach, eat at the same restaurant and drink my nightcap at the same bar every day. There’s something about being on holiday makes me want to create rituals … temporary habits. I like to take public transport, buy fresh fruit at the local market and lie in the shade. I won’t be going to Greece this year, or any time soon … but I am thinking of pinching some of their design ideas for McGregor.

anthony-bourdain-car-lg4. Travel:  Anthony Bourdain knows how to travel.  Because the man has travelled a lot. Agree with most everything he says. Which I don’t when he is writing about food. This article from Esquire is worth a read.

  1. Tiles: Encaustic tiles – kiln fired clay with inlaid designs, versions exist all over the world. Recently updated by a Polish/Spanish company called Purpura and not available in South Africa. I am thinking of creating painted versions on a cement slab in the garden. Would love the real thing as a patchworked splashback in the kitchen. Or the whole stoep in McG.

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