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(5) Things we love … #24

Posted in Things We Love

clive james farewell poem

  1.  Poet
    Clive James is dying and just published this lovely poem in The New Yorker.  It’s reminiscent of the practice of Japanese Death Poems. or jisei. The essentail idea of a jisei was that as we are readying to die, our reflections on death could be especially lucid and meaningful.  And become as important an observation about life. The image of Clive’s fire leafed maple is still brilliant in my mind.
  2.  Pretty
    Linen sheets in the colours of a long ago summer – already well washed and broken in. I would buy these for every room in my house. But, sadly they are trop cher and not available in SA.  I did find a set of thick linen serviettes at a garage sale the other day. Set me back $2. Got to cut your coat to suit your cloth, girl, was the message I got from that.
    Eileen Fischer Linen Sheets
  3.  Pump
    Both pairs, to wear with rolled up boyfriend jeans and a white collared shirt. I’m a US 7.5/UK 5.5/European 38 if you’re buying.
    Miu Miu.
    Miu Miu. Always.
  4.  Portrait
    Echolilia – series of photographs by Timothy Archibald created together with his son Eli who is autistic.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  5.  Place
    Endlessly inventive – the South African equivalent of standing in line.
  6.  Play (an extra just for today) – Because we do forget.10351595_10152292717571570_5287446204463725081_n

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  1. Thanks. A moving poem. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (give it a spin).

    October 1, 2014
  2. Where to start? Clive James, for such a humorist, he reveals a beautifully sensitive serious side. Did not know he was dying.
    The South Africans are onto something really smart there lining up their shoes. Genius, I’d even say. Why hasn’t this tradition spread elsewhere?
    Miu Miu, Always.

    September 28, 2014
  3. silvia

    Linen sheets, love them very much. I still have some of my grannie’s trousseau, diligently sawed by her. Sweet memories.
    SA way of standing in line is sooo brilliant!

    September 28, 2014

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