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(5) Things we love …#21

Posted in Life & Love, and Things We Love

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1. Filed: Joan Rivers – comedienne and human being extraordinaire. Irreverent, insulting, botoxed. Kind to a fault, unfiltered, loving and loved. But this we knew, who would have thought she was supremely organised too? For the past three decades, Rivers filed every joke she’d ever written (apparently over a million) in a library of card cabinets housed in her Upper East Side apartment. The jokes; typed up on three-by-five cards, are meticulously arranged by subject. Which, Rivers admitted, was the hardest part of organizing: “Does this one go under ugly or does it go under dumb?” Cheers Joan and thanks for all the laughs.

  1. Free: Zelda la Grange grew up in South Africa as a white Afrikaner who supported the rules of segregation. She could never have dreamed that just a few years after the end of apartheid, she would become a trusted assistant to Nelson Mandela. La Grange spent most of her adult working life – travelling with, supporting and caring for Mandela – who she called ‘Khulu’ (grandfather). This lovely book tells how an awkward young typist in her twenties grew to respect and cherish the man she had been taught was the enemy.
  2. Floating: Florentijn Hofman‘s 70-foot wooden hippopotamus is his sweetly whimsical contribution to Totally Thames. This new annual event celebrates England’s longest river, and gives us another great reason to visit London. As if we need one.

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  3. Frozen: Ever wonder what happens to a bubble when it’s exposed to extremely cold temperatures? Angela Kelly and her son Connor decided to find out. They mixed up a homemade bubble solution – dish washing soap, Karo syrup and water — and ventured out into the pre-dawn cold in Arlington, Washington. It turns out that the soapy bubbles they blew into the frigid air crystallized into fragile, glass-like sculptures. All images copyright Angela Kelly.

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  4. Final: a poetic exploration of loss – Marie Howe

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  1. silvia

    I read about La Grange book in the papers and how she suffered from being prevented to visit Mandela in the last days of his life.

    I’m going to pay a visit to the hippo soon.

    September 20, 2014
  2. Elma Jonckheer
    Elma Jonckheer

    What a super blog, Sue.

    September 18, 2014
  3. While they gave me the shivers of weather just around the corner, I love those crystallized bubble images.

    September 15, 2014
  4. winston moreton
    winston moreton

    Hope Zelda is watching the game in a few hours time. She probably was at that world cup event. Have to look for her book.

    September 13, 2014

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