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Month: September 2014

Relaxation 101

Posted in Health

Meet Diego who lives a thoroughly stress-free life
Meet Diego who lives a thoroughly stress-free life

I am trying to write this post on stress and relaxation techniques and nothing comes to mind but a bunch of platitudes that can be found on a million websites at the click of a finger. I stare at the dogs, sleeping by my desk, hoping their furry backs, undulating slowly in a rhythmic motion, will provide inspiration. The sock monkey on the electric blue rocking chair mocks me with his fixed grin. Now I am stressed.

For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.*

Posted in Aging, Life & Love, and Relationships

feminist-man_2684936bI don’t consider myself a feminist. I never have. I consider myself absolutely equal to any other human. There are people who are more intelligent than I am. Better sportsmen and women. Superior writers, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, aunts etc, etc. But none of them is more human than me. Of that I am, and always have been, absolutely sure.

So it pisses me off mightily when someone discriminates against me because of my sex or my colour. And before anyone gets up in arms about the colour statement, it pisses me off mightily when anyone is discriminated against because of their colour. It happens all the time, it is a complex and unconscionable thing and definitely has affected one race more than others. To those who may be thinking right now that I have no idea what I am talking about because I am white – you may well be right, but please remember that I grew up in a country where racism was made a law, given a name and allowed to spawn 50 or so ugly years of institutionalised fear and loathing. I was aware then, I am aware now – and I try to call it when I see, hear, smell or read it. Regardless of who is bearing the brunt.

Soul Mate – the fallacy of looking for “the one”

Posted in Life & Love

Paris lock bridge
Falling in love is my specialty. Sofagirl  (who recently wrote about the subject) likes to joke that my relationships have been informed by the torrid and never happy ending Russian novels I used to be so fond of. And she is not that far off the truth. But those novels also taught me a couple of valuable lessons: obstacles are par for the course when it comes to love, and “the one” does not exist. I believe the definition of love changes as we do and that more than “one true love” can be had during the course of one’s lifetime. And, above all, that “the one” is made and not sent by divine intervention to cross our path at the perfect moment.

(5) Things we love..#22

Posted in Things We Love

1. Making dreams come true: If anyone at Zara is listening, please start working on knock-offs of these two dresses. The one on the left is by Dior and it keeps popping up in every single magazine in different iterations and colors: maybe I will tire of it but, for now, I covet. The one on the right is by Valentino and I would need it knee-length. Thank you.

A blast from the Seventies – Chocolate Peppermint Fridge Tart

Posted in Baking, and Food & Entertaining

I’m a huge fan of “Top Chef” – the US TV show that pits proper chefs (rather than Master Chef’s home cooks) against each other. And has other proper chefs…

The unforeseen cost of loving a pet

Posted in Health

Photo by Sophie Gamand. Please see at the bottom of the post for details

During those moments of procrastination or weakness, I can be found clicking away on the site of the boxer adoption shelter where Ottie and Portia came from. I scroll through the photos of all available boxers, read the cleverly cobbled together stories under their fictitious names and brood, thinking that I should be giving another dog a chance at a better life. I have the space, and cranky Ottie could be coaxed into loving a brother. What stops me every time is the thought of footing more veterinary bills. It’s not that my dogs have been sicker than most but it does feel like veterinary care has become unaffordable, at least in the States.

Everything’s coming up roses: directions on how to be happy.

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

5130882-lgYesterday was one of those days where I start out with a very clear idea of where I am headed, only to find that I am derailed by one thing or the other. I got a lot done … but I didn’t get out of the house to buy groceries, or go to yoga, and, at the end if it, I couldn’t for the life of me come up with something to write about.

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