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Month: August 2014

(5) Things we love …#21

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The Flamingos are back, as I was sitting at the Traffic Light today a flock of 12 flew over my car and landed in the Black River, which runs along the walking track I take with Jack. It was cleaned up last year and they arrived out of the blue, in search of a mid migration snack. Now they’re back for a second visit: happens to everyone who comes to Cape Town. They’ve also shown up on fashion runways. Not sure they’d be thrilled to know.

10 Books that stayed with me

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G. G. Marquez murales
A G.G. Marquez murales in Aracataca, Colombia

My dislike for Facebook is at times mitigated by the posts from some of my favorite people. While I will avoid vacation and children photos like the plague – what is it with wanting to showcase an unrealistic and totally skewed (better) version of our lives? – I will stop for the informative, the provocative and the occasional dog video.

Standing on ceremony.

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IMG_2401It was my mother’s birthday dinner last night. We have a tradition at sofacasa with the Nans: each person gets to have a dinner party to celebrate the day they were born. They choose the menu (schnitzel and chips last night), set the table as they would like it and figure out seating arrangements. There is cake, we light candles and sing the song with gusto. Kiddie Champagne is served, or a non alcoholic cocktail. And the birthday girl or boy are waited on hand and foot.

Never can say goodbye

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vintage photo departing shipIt’s been a weekend of goodbyes. The same way most people would rather wake up at their destination, having skipped the travelling part altogether, I would be much happier if I could wake up having skipped the “arrivederci” part of any relationship.
As I watched my sister disappear amidst a throng of Korean children at LAX security lines, the familiar sense of emptiness, unease and sadness resurfaced, to destabilize me for a few hours.

(5) Things we love…#20

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1. Breaking news – We take reporting from the front lines for granted too often. Whether reporters and photographers put themselves in the arms of danger out of a compelling duty to report a story or to satisfy an adrenaline addiction, the end results don’t change: the best reporting puts us in the midst of world events and allows us to make up our minds and to become more educated in the process. Alissa Rubin of the NYT recently reported from the mountain where Yazidi refugees were trapped, and when her refugee-packed helicopter crashed, with an impressive amount of broken bones – including both wrists – she still dictated her moving account from her hospital bed. In the wake of the brutal beheading of photo journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS, I thought I would share some of the best video reporting being done at the moment, by those daredevils at Vice News. If you are still foggy on what ISIS is or does, this 5 part video footage, which gets up close and very personal, will dispel any doubts.

The Mighty Nacho Stack and Famous Guac.; a match made in Friday night heaven.

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Every Friday the Nans come over after school and the weekend has begun. We have a menu of things that we do: go out for coffee or ice cream, head to the beach for a swim or surf, take a walk in the forest or play at the park. Whatever we do is book-ended by food. The minute they arrive the cry goes up: “I’m staaaarving”, and five hours later – the chorus repeats. I’ve got things pretty streamlined now – i.e. I have figured out what they like and have stopped trying to introduce their palates to anything new. So, lunch is simple – corn on the cob, hot dogs, chunks of ciabiatta covered in salami and cheese or tuna mousse.

Fit for a change.

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Woman_Knitting_On_Porch_1280157952_thI’ve been working on changing the way that I live. The idea is to add value to my day by lessening the amount I put into my brain, and increasing the amount of work I expect from my body. The plan is still evolving – but I took my first step (literally) by buying a pair of running shoes, and downloading an app called “C25K” which promises to take me from the sofa to running 5 kilometers in 9 weeks.

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