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(5) Things we love…#16

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990954241. Summer wardrobe: If you live in Northern Italy (where it’s been pouring England-style) or in the Southern Hemisphere, you will be excused for not noticing it’s Summer just around now – at least on my shores. I live by the beach, yet I seldom go because 1. I do have to work; 2. I tend to forget; 3. I am not that devoted to suntanning as I once was (ask sofagirl who will rattle off a series of jokes about the darkness of my tanned skin – all envy if you ask me). Then guests from distant shores arrive and, taking pity on them, I do volunteer to show them my favorite beaches so they don’t spend their entire vacations in the madhouse by the Santa Monica Pier. And, with every return of Summer, it’s a dash into my wardrobe to update at least a couple of pieces so I don’t march off to the beach in the same ratty t-shirt and Tongan sarong I bought on my honeymoon. I do have a thing for Palazzo pants, aka pajama pants. Love these florals from Mary Katrantzou (which, even heavily discounted at $610, I can ill afford but can still inspire me).  Wide pants cover a multitude of sins, especially now that I wouldn’t dream of going to a beach in shorts.

2. JCrew: My mother seems to love JCrew as much as I do so it was one of the first shopping destinations when she got here. Before you hurl things at your screen, hoping to hit me, for posting a photo of an underfed model, hear me out: I was at the Malibu store a few days ago and noticed their swimwear is on sale (40% off on-line too). This one piece is lovely because the adjustable halter naturally lifts your boobs – plus, it comes in many pretty colors. I also discovered this adorable tee that is nowhere to be found online – the sales assistant told me it had just come in on the day I purchased it.

Lemons3. Make your own soda: My schizophrenic lemon tree is overproducing and lemons this delicious I only tasted in Israel eons ago. As I cannot leave all that bounty to the coyotes (yes, they do eat citrus, at least in my yard), it was time to start juicing and make my favorite lemonade. Pack it and take it to the beach in place of a soda and for something more satisfying than water. Dissolve one cup of sugar in 2 cups of water on the stove. Add to 1 1/2 cup of lemon juice (about 10 lemons). Chill.

signature-club-a-precious-moroccan-argan-oil-cream-as-d-20121009180549437~2043624. Healthy tan: I tend to resist beauty trends so it took me a long time to warm up to argan oil which has been one of the natural products de riguer on these shores for a few years; then a friend gave some samples and I started using it on my face before going to sleep. It doesn’t clog my pores – which are prone to clogging – and leaves my skin soft and moisturized. So now it’s Argan oil shampoo and Argan oil sunblock. This is my favorite: Precious Moroccan Argan Oil, not too thick and oily and with a 25 PF factor which, over a number of days, will allow for a nice tan. Another upside? Argan oil products will not break the bank. This, and more, can be found at HSN.

5. Decor update: I have been scouring stores for throw pillows: I finally updated my kitchen couch with a new slipcover and I am looking for fun pillows. It must be the Summer air but I am drawn to all sorts of animals: I love owls (a couple live on a tree by my bedroom window, making for some hooting lullabies) but the giraffe and the whale have also caught my eye. Have not purchased them yet – still mulling… they can be found here

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  1. Oh. throw cushions, I’m in the mood and in the market for them 🙂

    July 26, 2014

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