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Why we write.

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Many moons ago – young and sassy. sofagirl (l) and camparigirl with attitude (r)

Sofagirl’s pal Steven Abramowitz, aka The Gisborne Gourmet, writes like he cooks – effortlessly. A pinch of this, a glug of that, a handful of herbs and lunch is served. But his blog is more than that – he’s describing a warm, real New Zealand version of ‘la dolce vita’. So an invitation to campari and sofa to join his table in the form of this tagged blog, was accepted with alacrity.

How does our writing differ from others in our genre?
Many of the blogs that are aimed at women our age are just glum. We refused to believe all that’s left to us is menopause, thinning skin and dry vaginas. We’d been talking about ‘doing something together’ for the last decade. A challenge when you consider that we live on separate continents – and in different time zones. It all came together on a shared holiday in Rome – celebrating Claudia’s 50th birthday. “Fie to getting old. Fie to being invisible.There’s a lot of sap in us yet – let’s write about that.”  We chinked our glasses and promised each other to write as honestly as we could about our lives and what interested us and see where that led. Hopefully to an income somewhere down the line. (sofagirl)

Why do I write?
I would love to say I write because I have to. It would make me feel very artsy. Writing is how I make sense of things – it started with an exercise -book I bought on a long ago vacation in Greece when I was 25 and it hasn’t stopped since. Abstract thoughts and ideas amass in my head in no particular order and writing them down in a more organized fashion gives me peace and fulfills my creative side. (camparigirl)

How does my writing process work?
It’s random. I will start with an idea: that will promptly go nowhere. So I will go for a walk with my dog Jack and not think about it, and by the time I get home the idea has rearranged itself into something coherent. Or I will see or hear something which will begin a thought process – weaving chance strands together: and there it will be. Other times I resort to trolling the internet – desperately looking for inspiration. We do map the blog through a two week cycle, though. There is a set round of posts that we do – with different themes. Having structure in that way, allows us to give our subconscious something to chew on while we are going about our everyday lives.(sofagirl)

What we’re working on:
I was a professional chef for eight years and I still keep my fingers in the not so metaphorical pie. I feed hungry mouths under different guises: at a friends’s cafe, through a catering company and, right now, I am helping a girlfriend realize her dream of opening an Italian deli. While I love cooking I am still dreaming of finishing a novel that at times I find brilliant and, more often than not, I think it’s total rubbish. (camparigirl)

My day job is with a charity called The Lunchbox Fund – we provide a hot meal each school day to disadvantaged children in South Africa. The meal is served at lunchtime, at school, and for many of these kids – it is the only meal they will eat in the day. This gives them an incentive to attend. And to get an education. With that – they have the chance of a future. Happy work to be doing. I am also a houskeeper and aunt. And I am writing (way too slowly) a book for my nieces and nephew called The Poopenstances – it’s about them and the mad adventures their alter-egos have together. I also tell them fabulous stories about my time in the Secret Service(!). At which they roll their eyes, but in which they secretly believe.(sofagirl)

Please give a big hand to:
bf5b86a18ba2bf9240fcb2fce46664e8Tails Around The Ranch was created by Yosemite Sam (a Standard Poodle) and his partner in crime Monika. They both hail from Denver, live in a 1950s style ranch house and create all-natural organic dog treats. Their posts are sweet and soulful – and tell of their passion for being part of a hospital and hospice Pet Therapy team. Close to our hearts and great work all round.

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  1. Ah yes, the 80’s…sadly we all had hairdos like that. But the photo of you being sassy with attitude…priceless. Well done, ladies! Keep up the good work.

    July 29, 2014
  2. That photo expresses more than could ever be put into words 🙂

    July 26, 2014
    • For the record, I do still cringe whenever I see that hairdo! But the photo brings back very sweet memories

      July 27, 2014
    • It is Margaret, us in our 20s in San Remo, Italy, at a Record Company Conference. This was the gala dinner evening. Camparigirl was in love and I was in chagrin as I had dived into the swimming pool in front of 50 people only to find my swimsuit turned completely see-through. Happy Days.

      July 25, 2014

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