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(5) Things we love …#11

Posted in Things We Love

3.  1. Food  Brought to my attention by foodie Miss T Bellow of bellowblogs. A beautiful food site: by the people, for the people – with the tagline: “Helping people become better, smarter, happier cooks.” The photos alone are enough reason to give it a whirl. There’s lots of good food too.

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2. sofabrother-the-younger (aka Chris) and I share a sense of humour that some would categorise as coarse. We’re OK with that. He sent me the letter below: the final two sentences had me howling. Stanley Kubrik stops a 2001 Space Odyssey sequel in its tracks. In no uncertain terms. With a tapir bone.
Kubrick 3. I am not a fan of chandeliers. They can be beautiful (Murano) and exotic (Chihuly) but, unless you have a ballroom to light, strike me as being overkill. Of course there is always an exception. Or two.

4. Not sure I love this … but thought it was worth sharing. A South African marketing agency has started a petition for Lego to create a “Nelson Mandela: Freedom Fighter” set. To persuade people to support their bid – the agency created this clip: and used Lego figures to follow Mandela’s journey from the Pass Law protests of 1960 through the subsequent Rivonia Trial and his imprisonment on Robben Island to freedom and reconciliation. The soundtrack is Mandela testimony at the Rivonia Trial in which he disobeyed his lawyer’s instructions by adding the words (an ideal) “for which I am prepared to die.” Interesting to note: the petition and idea are supported by The Nelson Mandela foundation.

5.  An oldie but a goodie. And worth remembering when times get tough.
Dalai Lama on how we live

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One Comment

  1. silvia

    Guess who brought to my attention n.2. The gentlemen I live with was as delighted as you and your brother were.

    June 22, 2014

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