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Shakespeare in sound bite.

Posted in Life & Love, Relationships, and Things We Love

cxi1pieidft4j829tai1William Shakespeare would have turned 450 this week. I am a huge fan – of the dark and war plays. The comedies make me feel awkward and nervous – a bit like musicals do. And anything with faeries in it is just beyond me. Part of my brain shuts down and I start humming Bad Company tunes.

In honour of her love of the Bard, cartoonist Mya Gosling, a lifelong Shakespeare-fanatic (and creator of  “Good Tickle Brain“) has condensed each of Shakespeare’s plays into three-panel webcomics: apart from Henry VI, Part 3 – where the machinations of that regent requires five bloody panels. And Titus Andronicus which is brilliantly captured in one.

kbsdwkyk9u6m7657ikjw-1In honour of the bard’s passing, and the many hours I have spent watching his plays on the boards (with Eddie Clarke mainly) and on TV (alone as no-one else is interested in three hours of Coriolanus: “Thus I turn my back. There is a world elsewhere.”), I thought I would share these sound bite comics of some of his greatest works. Let murder, mayhem and madness abound.

The Love Tragedies (aka much suicide)

139404022362320140310-S-RomeoJuliet3Panels1391635380588The Revenge Plays (aka much prophesy)

sk75atxl4grgfzrfvmwdey6wkpqmdnjqjcxnevfvbb2aygqdfxbg7oyhzsjiThe Political Dramas (aka much assassination)kop16hbu3tbwbjtzwgwh


And, finally, one of my favourites: The Family Saga (much of everything)1393254305737(All images copyright Maya Gosling)

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  1. Elma Jonckheer
    Elma Jonckheer

    Love it. The ultimate crib sheet.

    April 27, 2014
  2. These are brilliant! My first introduction to a performance of the immortal bard was at Maynardville back in the dinosaur era, I was hooked. Three years ago I was there again – in pouring rain – watching Twelfth Night, everyone including the cast had umbrellas up – it was both hilarious and wonderful.

    April 25, 2014
  3. Brilliant, just brilliant 🙂

    I too love Shakespeare, and after the morning I’ve had I sure needed a laugh. Mission accomplished 🙂 xx

    April 25, 2014
  4. silvia

    Love it! Sooo witty. I’m sure the bard would have appreciated Maya Gosling’s work, after all he’s a genius.
    I believe that there’s another heaven – close to the dogs’ one – where the greatest artists of all times enjoy themselves watching what we do among other things.
    You made me laugh loud. Thanks baby

    April 25, 2014
  5. Absolutely love the cartoons- king Lear is my favourite play of all time. Watched all the plays at RSC when I lived in Stratford as a teenager. Have you read my blog post about the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare? Had the best year in 1964!

    April 25, 2014

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