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(5) Things we love…#1

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The lake of Lake Shrine
The lake of Lake Shrine

Starting today, we are introducing a new weekly appointment called (5) Things we love.

It’s meant to share with you anything that grabbed our attention, that we enjoyed or made us happy. This exercise also puts us in the habit of looking back at our week, and pick anything that reminded us of why life is worth the trouble.

I was privileged to have been invited at the opening of Heaven + Earth: Art of Byzantium, the new exhibition now on view, until August 25, at the Getty Villa in Malibu. Over 180 objects of Byzantine art, all from Greece, that I would absolutely recommend you see if you live in LA, or are visiting. I wined and dined and hang out with friends and, yes, I saw the exhibit too.

The waterfall at Lake Shrine
The waterfall at Lake Shrine

A while ago a reader asked where the serene photo of a vaguely oriental looking pond was taken. Well, here in LA. My customary Thursday walk with a friend was diverted from the beach, compliments of LA traffic, to Lake Shrine Temple  on Sunset Boulevard in the Palisades. No entrance fee, a lot of quiet and plenty of seating around the man-made lake to meditate, read, write or just get away from it all for a while.

Like most families these days, my family is a “modern one”, i.e. made up of people coming together from different families who, for various reasons, splintered along the way. On Thursday, some of the “acquired” family members came for dinner to my house and I fed them orecchiette with sweet broccolini and cherry tomatoes, salad and ginger bread with lemon scented cream. No matter who with or where, I keep up the Italian tradition of gathering around a meal, which, in this case, was just as much a hodgepodge as my family is.


Call the Midwife … 'We don't go out on bikes.'
Some of the protagonists of “Call the Midwife”

While reading sofagirl’s post Releasing the Hounds on her beef with a show that has careened off course, I thought of a very different, gentle and heart-warming tv show, now in its third season, that just started again on our public station. It’s a BBC offering titled “Call the Midwife” and it’s set in the 1950s London’s East End: four girls in their 20s work as midwives at a clinic run by nuns. Based on the memoir by Jennifer Worth, you won’t find any profanity, nudity or violence. Not even that very many bad people either. Coming off a binge of “House of Cards”, I found it’s possible to have fun without even a hint of the F word.


Matering the art of the selfie - still a way off
Mastering the art of the selfie – still a way off

Little hermit that I am, I actually had a very social week. I had to attend a breast cancer fundraiser that called for black tie, hence I had to make an effort. Pulled out a silver skirt by Olivier Theyskens, a custom-made Eduardo Lucero top and even made an appointment at the hair dresser for a blow dry. Twenty minutes of make-up and it was a very different me than my usual chef’s jacket or sweat pants, hair standing up persona. I sat at the bar of the Beverly Wilshire – of Pretty Woman’s memory – and I felt oh so pretty!


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  1. And you looked oh-so-pretty too. Not so much 1950s Call The Midwife as 1920s Bright Young Things 🙂
    What a nice week to reflect on.

    April 12, 2014
  2. Our lives seem to be such a blur of “doing,” it’s nice to be reminded to stop and appreciate what was done. Thank you for sharing your week.

    April 12, 2014
  3. silvia

    But baby you ARE soooo pretty!
    Excellent idea girls. Thumbs up.

    April 12, 2014
    • Bella come il cul della padella, come direbbe mia mamma!

      April 12, 2014

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