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Germs as art: all stitched up by a microbe.

Posted in Home & Decor, and Things We Love

microbe-1I’m not much of a handicrafter. Ok, that is some understatement. In my first two years of high school I had to take Home Economics class and was a horrible fit. While other girls were running up nifty summer frocks or knitting light airy cardigans; I only ever finished the back of a lilac V-neck jumper.

I presented it both years to the teacher as evidence that I had tried. Fortunately for me one left at the end of Std 6, and the new one in Std. 7 had no idea the sweater was a hold over. She must have just thought I was a grubby knitter.

I never attempted knitting again, becoming adept in selecting perfectly prepared, clean sweaters in exactly my size from clothing racks in stores all over the world. The arms were always the same length … so I never looked back.


Until the other day: when I saw these little germs by Alicia Watkins. She sells them through her site on Etsy. Of course they appeal to my sense of humour, but it is the simple precision that really grabbed me. They looked so easy to make that I clicked through the Etsy link to find the patterns, thinking I would give it a try. Only to discover I could buy them ‘already stitched up’. Result. Hopefully they get here, otherwise there will be a befuddled SA Postal Employee’s grandmother somewhere, wondering why her kid gave her a picture of syphilis for Christmas.


(All images copyright Alice Watkins. Note this post was not sponsored in any way. We just love her work.)


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  1. Viruses and other bacterial microbes are really quite lovely to look at, no matter how deadly they may actually be. Some years ago I went to a London exhibition of Luke Jerram’s glass work. Have a look it, it is fabulous:

    March 30, 2014
  2. Oh, I’ve got such bad memories of needlework classes at school… the nightmares, the trauma… but this has cheered me up no end 🙂

    March 27, 2014

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