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Month: February 2014

A life in the day of Kathy Gruver: natural health practitioner (and trapeze artist in training)

Posted in Health, Life & Love, and Women's issues

Kathy Gruver“I wasn’t in the present moment when I let go too early. I was in the future.”

Sitting across from Kathy Gruver, PhD, LMT,RM, at a table outside the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the Santa Monica Pier on a recent Sunday morning, I can sense this youthful and athletic 44-year-old strives, not so much for perfection, but for the perfect balance. Not surprising. Helping people heal or guiding them to their perfect balance is her lifelong mission.

Out of the mouths of babes … talking it like they walk it.

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

brutal honestWhen I was a kid we would listen to Art Linkletter on the radio. The show was on a Friday evening around 6.00pm and Art was always getting the kids to say “The Darndest Things”. I used to love that show. The children were hilarious and Art had such a nice way about him. No-one ever cursed. For some reason Art used to make me feel safe.

Chilaquiles: the ultimate comfort food

Posted in Food & Entertaining

ChilaquilesIf you sit down at any restaurant in California, from a burger joint to Spago in Beverly Hills, chances are your meal will be prepared by a Latino worker. Gardening, cooking, cleaning and looking after children are still the domain of immigrants from Latin and South America, and they will probably be for another couple of generations. In kitchens all over the state, some manage to climb to chef’s positions, but most are the engine behind the cooking lines, the hands that learn to make anything, from pasta to sushi.

My issue with Sports Illustrated is there’s no issue.

Posted in Health, Life & Love, and Relationships

Another famous plastic doll

camparigirl wrote yesterday about Sports illustrated asking Barbie to model for their annual Swimsuit issue. Actually she wrote about Mattel agreeing to let Barbie model for Sports Illustrated – and wondered why they would do that. Me, I don’t give a damn – unless she was coerced, she’s welcome to pose wherever she wants. What interests me is that S.I. would think their male readers would want to see a Barbie in their most-read issue of the year. Is that where male masturbatory fantasies reside right now – in plastic dolls?

More than a doll? Lessons learnt (and un-learnt) from Barbie

Posted in Life & Love, and Uncategorized

Barbie Sports IllustratedCoffee and the New York Times, possibly together, are two of my life’s greatest pleasures – even when I rant at the Times or at the stupidity of  Western civilization that comes up with idiotic ideas like having Barbie modeling  in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. This stroke of marketing genius must have caused some controversy I wasn’t aware of (need to open a Twitter account); what other reason could there be for Mattel to take out a full-page open letter ad in the NYT, defending their choice?

Vonnegut and the weather – a birthday party in Cape Town

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

12637422054_b784e47647_o In 1988 Volkswagen approached a number of notable thinkers and asked them to write a letter to the future. It was part of an ad campaign they were to run in Time magazine, and they wanted some words of advice to those living in 100 years time. Many agreed, including novelist Kurt Vonnegut.

A brief history of the world … aka how did we get here?

Posted in Life & Love, and Style & Travel

North Korea

One of the things I love about facebook is you are never too far away from a great share. Sure there are many overshares, undershares, myfavouritecatpicture shares and waytoomuchinformation shares … but my facebook friends are pretty savvy folks and come up with many gems. Like this one.

Hot weather nibbles for a long weekend away.

Posted in Food, and Food & Entertaining

IMG_4037 Last time I was in McGregor I got a vicious virus that was stalking the little village. Hit my stomach in the middle of the night and laid me low for almost three weeks. The upside is I lost a couple of pounds, the down that I couldn’t bear to look at food. I also had no energy and was generally flat, miserable, negative and cranky. Not a good combo. Our pal Tracey is here from the UK and we’ve repaired to McG to repair. Me from the virus that morphed into a chest infection, and her from a year of challenge that saw her embarking on a hell of a journey. That is her story to tell one day – but suffice to say she pushed herself to the limit and needed some time doing nothing much but listening to her iPod through her Dr Dre Beats headphones. Apparently these are the new big thing in headphones, and I knew nothing about them: so I am officially old. (Side bar – love how Dre saw that Apple made terrible headphones and turned that into a business.)

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