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Love songs and a bit of a yarn.

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Anyone who can open a song with the words: “Know it sounds funny but I just can’t stand the pain. Girl, I’m leaving you tomorrow…” and make me listen along to the end has got to have something special going on. In my book anyway. I am a stickler for a decent lyric — yelling at the radio when the words are lazy. Especially these days, when it seems to be fine to rhyme dime with lime and in no damn time you’ve writ a line, yo. 

I am also a sucker for a well crafted love song – Wilco’s “She’s a Jar” never fails to stop my breath with it’s terrifying ending, “I love You Porgy” makes me well up every time (especially when Billie Holiday is singing). I will block out the world for Tori Amos’ reading of Led Zepplin’s “Thank You”, CSN&Y’s “Our House”, Stevie Nicks’ plea to Lindsay Buckingham in “Landslide”, Jeff Buckley’s gorgeous “Everybody Here Wants You”, Gladys Knight’s “Midnight Train to Georgia”, Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire”… I know I know I know … predictable and I am missing a thousand classics … but I’ve heard these few over the last week and they’re all still as great as they were decades ago.

And then there’s: “Three Times a Lady“. Lionel Ritchie‘s finest moment with the Commodores (with Easy Like Sunday Morning as a close second) and one of my favourite tunes ever. It’s a turn-the-radio-up-loud guilty pleasure …. I sing along lustily and off key. Loving every moment. The song plays and I am back in 1978 – with a sweet boyfriend, slow dancing at our old-fashioned parties: shuffling around the floor as the record player hissed and popped and my fella whispered the words in my ear.

Aah those were innocent times. The song got me to wondering whatever happened to Lionel, which took me to my keyboard, which lead me to these pictures. And I had to share them.

During the Summer of 2013, Molly Evans (of Mollyeeee) gave voice to old unwanted furniture,dumped on the streets of Milwaukee, by sewing braided yarn onto it: “I set out on a mission to entertain my (somewhat grumpy) neighbors with an outdoor embroidery project on their discarded sofa that would make the seemingly unlovable couch more lovable. Weeks had gone by without a single bite; no one wanted that sad brown three-seater.” she says. “I gave it Lionel Richie’s lovable voice (by using his lyrics), and the rest is history.”

She called the project ‘Lionel Stitchie”. Which made me chuckle. Because sometimes I love a silly pun too.

(See more of Mollyeeee’s work here. All images copyright Mollyeeee.)

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One Comment

  1. silvia

    One of most played cds in my home is Lionel’s best with the Commodores. Sweet sweet memories.
    You made a point, what ever happened to him? I miss his songs and even if I surely don’t entirely get the meaning of the lyrics, next time we’re together I can join you in singing them as I know them by heart

    January 5, 2014

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