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A new year’s cocktail: Campari Capodanno

Posted in Food, and Food & Entertaining

one-cocktail-awayOne of my fondest New Year’s memories is of a great family friend called Cynthia. She came to stay with us in Plettenberg Bay one year – cheerfully navigating the noise and arguments that make up a sofafamily holiday. Loving every minute of the chaos.

We headed to the beach for fireworks display to welcome in the New Year (quite possibly the last time I was awake at midnight on NYEve) and, as we were making our way home across the insanely crowded sand, Cynthia tripped over a couple who were coupling on a blanket on the ground. Oblivious to the throngs around them.

“Ag sis”, she said: “Couldn’t you wait until you got home?” “Neyyy”, said the chap, not breaking stroke: “it’s never to early to start with your new year’s resolutions, Auntie”.

Cynthia, a conservative at heart, didn’t miss a beat: “Listen, those fireworks were real, hey …” she said to the girl, “it wasn’t him…”. The couple roared with laughter: “S’true Auntie, s’true. Happy New Year Auntie.”  We all walked home smiling.

Just as no New Year is truly complete without a resolution, so no new year should start without a cocktail (and judging by the bottles on the sand next to the resolute pair – I think they would agree.)

So from the two of us to all of you out there, on sofas of your own: here’s a little something to help you see the stars.  Happy New Year.

campari3The Campari Capodanno

(Makes 4 or more cocktails – depending how you pour)

2 tots Campari
2 tots home-made limoncello (should you just happen to have it to hand), alternately use Grand Marnier or Cointreau
2 tots gin
Ice cold sparkling wine or prosecco

  1. Mix Campari, the Liqueur of choice and gin together in a measuring cup
  2. Refrigerate until cold
  3. Pour a small quantity (about half an inch – or more or less according to taste) into the bottom champagne flutes.
  4. Top up with bubbles
  5. Repeat as desired
  6. Have a sofa near by.
(Note: this post was not sponsored by campari. It’s a nod of love for the many good times we’ve spent together on the sofa.)

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  1. silvia

    Happy New year to you sweethearts!
    So this is my wish for C&S, for every single day that lies ahead, stars, dreams and hopes.
    And a bit of salt.

    December 30, 2013
    • And we wish you love and prosperity and the removal of your current stresses. xxxx

      January 4, 2014

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