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Live art in the Scottish skies

Posted in Things We Love

starlings scotlandIt’s not that photographer Owen Humphries was strolling around, on the evening of November 26, in Dumfriesshire, camera casually in hand. No, Mr. Humphries, a photographer for the Press Association, had been staking the site for weeks, waiting for the right moment.

And then it came.

starlings scotlandA gigantic flock of starlings alighted on electricity poles in this corner of Scotland, preparing for their winter migration. The endangered birds are known to travel together and flocks this big, if rare, are not completely unknown in this part of the world.

With a ruckus unimaginable to our ears, they flew in patterns for a while, as if to rehearse the formation for the long trip ahead. And then they took off.

For those few precious moments, Mr. Humphries clicked away. Here are the results – not even a painter could have dreamed of such patterns.

starlings scotlandTo the starlings, safe travels! And see you next year.

Images courtesy of Daily Mail

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