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Thought for the week…#64

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Naples' Spanish Quarter
Naples’ Spanish Quarter

Campa un giorno e campalo bene (Live for the day and live it well)

Old Neapolitan saying

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  1. Hell, yeah! I always loved “Tante belle cose” as a greeting. So simple yet covers it all, don’t you think? Wish the translation would work in conversation but run risk of sounding sound like a lunatic (and I tread too close to that line too often already) 🙂

    December 22, 2013
    • Wow, hadn’t thought of Tante belle cose in many years! It’s something my parents’ generation would say – I don’t think I have ever used it but it does convey a genuine wish for very many good things to come your way. Sometimes I forget how beautiful and quirky my language is.

      December 23, 2013

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