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One camera, one hour, one dollar: simple portraits in the Philippines.

Posted in Style & Travel

project1_1During a trip to the Philippines, Dennis Sapong decided to spend some time at the local public market, taking photographs. As he headed out of the door, his wife reminded him he had exactly an hour to grab his shots. And that gave him an idea.

He would use one camera, set up in one place, shoot for one hour exactly and use one black-and-white preset to do his editing. And he would offer each subject $1 dollar for their time. For some perspective: $1/45 Pesos would enable each sitter to purchase food for a family of four for one day.

Sapong says of the experience: “It was the longest one hour of my life as a photographer, and I loved every bit of it.”

It has been two weeks since Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines, islands I have visited only once, but loved. These photos remind me of people I met along the way and I wanted to pay homage to the great colleagues and friends I had there, all of whom have been spared. But their extended families have not been so fortunate.

I magdalamhati sa iyo.

Find more information on Sapong and Project One here

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One Comment

  1. Wow – some of these pics are truly breathtaking. What a talent!

    November 22, 2013

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