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Let me eat cake

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Alessi’s cake stand Bimboveloce – photo Alessi catalogue

My idea of a perfect kitchen resembles very much a Mad Hatter tea party theme: frosted cakes, piles of artfully arranged cookies, crostatas and croissants as decorative pieces. To that end, I am always looking for the perfect cake stand. Never mind that frosted cakes and cupcakes are some of my least favourite desserts – I just like the festive look they add to a room.

Japanese cookie tins
My Japanese tins

Since I acquired a long farmhouse sideboard for my kitchen three years ago, I have been looking for a cake stand I could display right next to the 1950’s Japanese tins I plucked out of a flea market. Right now, that space is occupied by a Murano set of glasses and jug that cheer me up every morning when I come down bleary eyed. But I also live in fear of the dogs or I knocking them over by accident and, besides, I always forget to use them as they are not anywhere near the rest of my glassware.

Murano glasses
and my Murano glasses

I have this wild thought that, if in possession of the perfect cake stand, I would keep it constantly topped with confections, cookies, cakes or anything else that IT would inspire me to make. In reality, I limit my dessert making to one item a week – if that – which usually doesn’t last more than a couple of days or else gets donated to my husband’s coworkers, when I am in my calorie restriction phases. You see my conundrum: the cake stand needs to look good even when empty, rather than forlorn.

My hunt might have come to an end yesterday, when I took a virtual walk through the Alessi store and spotted Bimboveloce (Fast Kid): functional but not cutesy, with a base that begs to be looked at.

Alessi products
Some of the Alessi characters that brighten my kitchen

I have such a soft spot for Alessi products that, when I got married, many Italian friends sent me random Alessi products that still brighten my house to this day. The singing kettle that Micheal Graves designed in the 80’s and that I bought 12 years ago still makes me look forward to tea.

Alessi is a poster child for successful Italian design: a company founded in the early 1900’s, still located in the Italian Alps where the first Mr. Alessi intended it to be, over the years  has developed designers’ partnerships that have become legendary: Phillippe Starck, Michael Graves and Ettore Sottsass are just three of the over 500 designers Alessi has let run wild with re-imagining utilitarian products, fixtures and furniture.

Graves Kettle
My trusted singing bird kettle

The price tag of my Bimboveloce, designed my Mattia DiRosa, is a whopping $241. I cannot justify it right now so that Murano glasses will have to stay put. But I take comfort in knowing that MY perfect cake stand has been imagined and designed. For when the time comes.

Although it might seem otherwise, this post was not sponsored by Alessi at all. I just love them.

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  1. silvia

    Ehi bimbaveloce could be your new nickname. I love it and it perfectly matches with the sideboard colour. When empty, being so flat, you could use it for other purposes

    September 28, 2013
  2. I’m a big Alessi fan as well. One day I might be able to afford more of their products!

    September 28, 2013

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