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Month: September 2013

Look fat in my coffin? Over my dead body.

Posted in Aging, Food, and Life & Love

our-exquisite-corpse-1I always requested a wake-up call from the hotel operator when I travelled. The thought of missing a plane and the resultant pile-up of skipped interviews for the musician I was accompanying – together with the brays of annoyance from the local record company – were just not worth the extra hour. And this was before mobile phones, so in addition to the alarm clock I always carried, and the one usually in the room, I would have the hotel check I was awake.

One morning in Stockholm I couldn’t answer. I literally could not get my hand to pick up the receiver.  I could hardly breathe and when I tried to sit up – I fell back onto my pillow. My face was numb. I thought I must have had a stroke. I lay there terrified. Imagining myself slurring my way through the rest of my life.

Let me eat cake

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Alessi’s cake stand Bimboveloce – photo Alessi catalogue

My idea of a perfect kitchen resembles very much a Mad Hatter tea party theme: frosted cakes, piles of artfully arranged cookies, crostatas and croissants as decorative pieces. To that end, I am always looking for the perfect cake stand. Never mind that frosted cakes and cupcakes are some of my least favourite desserts – I just like the festive look they add to a room.

The rolling thunder review – life on wheels.

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trailer2 It took me six hours to get home from Johannesburg the other day – normally a two hour flight. I sat in the airport fantasising about alternate modes of transport. Ones that didn’t involve checking in and finding “the plane was delayed in Cape Town and repositioning has meant further delay. Out of our control.” Insult to injury – BA then merged two flights and I had a large, half-cut, smelly man sitting on my lap the whole way home.

Private jet is out of budget, time travel not invented, teleportation likewise. So, now long journey = flight. But what if I drove? Which got me into working out budgets … petrol, somewhere to stay, snacks … and that delivered me rolling door to door. Cue the recreational vehicle, aka RV: created by Travellers, improved on by Germans, fine-tuned by Americans.

And now desired by me.

Week-day lobster

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Lobster pastaThe Adriatic Sea, the nearest body of water to where I grew up, is not fertile ground for lobsters so I didn’t make my acquaintance with this noble crustacean until age 13. Paris, bateau-mouche, business dinner with my dad and what I remember as a giant orange lobster (but most likely was its cousin, a langoustine) placed in front of me, with a torture instrument similar to a nut cracker.  I had no idea what to do with one or the other, and my father was no help. The only possible solution seemed to make myself even more inconspicuous, hoping no one would notice the untouched creature on my plate. 

Live and learn?

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never-stop-learningWe spent yesterday in McGregor checking out the renovation progress. It was a brilliant feeling – knowing that the cottage is ours and the changes are all going to be in place in time for the summer. The lei water dam – which is in the process of becoming a swimming pool, is deeper than we anticipated. And looks so much bigger and luxe.

The builders were there chasing electricity, dropping in plumbing, insulating new rooms and stripping sealant from concrete. All fascinating and all things I had to make decisions about. Which means I have been trying to get my head around the technicalities of floor preparation, salt versus chlorine for the pool, paint densities for waterproofing and how to apportion space appropriately in a tiny bathroom. All of which has required new knowledge aka some learning.

A year in words – what I learned about blogging

Posted in Life & Love, and Women's issues

The actual sofas where the blog was conceived
The actual sofas where the blog was conceived

She didn’t look back once. I stood there, watching her frame go through the new fangled body scan, explaining to whomever was questioning her that she didn’t speak English, and I didn’t even savour the moment of seeing her disappear in the swarms of colorful people all around her. My warm and loving mother didn’t look back once, to look at my face one more time.

Blogging is a cold mistress.

Posted in About Us, Life & Love, and Relationships

Right now I am too tired to write this post. It’s been a long week. We’re going to the new cottage tomorrow to review renovations and choose sanitary ware. And I have a lot of work to do.

But I have to. I have a commitment to camparigirl to bring my side of the bargain we struck when we started campari&sofa: that no day shall go unposted. And today is my day. We’ve been blogging as C&S for a year – so we thought we would take a look at what that time has taught us. How we’ve worked through days like these. Here’s my take:

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