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Dressed to the (ca)nines – Dogs do Couture in New York City

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One of the many things camparigirl and I have in common is we both love our dogs. In a natural, fun, happy, ‘thank-you for making me smile everyday’ kind of way. It’s all seemed a little serious on the sofa at the moment – what with the curved balls life is hurling at Claudia and my writing about tough subjects: so I thought I would lighten things up with this little bit of sweetly odd madness.

In his book “Couture Dogs of New York”, Photographer Paul Nathan set out to document New York City’s best-dressed dogs, their owners, and the couturiers who design their custom-made outfits. During his research, Nathan attended ‘barkmitzvahs’, ‘pawties’ and ‘puptials,’. He visited the homes of doggie moms and dads – and solemnly viewed the walk-in closets built especially for their “fur children”. Cupboards filled with enough designer outfits to rival any New York fashionista.

The dogs’ owners are completely open about their (perhaps) excessive tendencies to spoil and dote on their pets. Some spend upwards of $600 on a single dog outfit – with others candidly admitted they see their dogs as children or even soul mates.

After an exhaustive search, Nathan invited fifteen of the most fashionable pooches to his studio, asking them to bring along their favourite ‘one of a kind’ outfit and to strike a pose for his book. The result is a barking mad scamper through New York’s ‘Doggie World’: where the city’s most fashionable mutts get dressed to the ‘canines’ … even for a walk around the block.

But it’s not just about playing dress up Nathan says: “what surprised me the most is the utter devotion of the members of the Doggy World, to each other and to their dogs. It’s an obsession for most. They are an extremely tight group of people who are both eccentric and fun-loving.”

If you are looking for a little couture something-something for your pet, the big names in doggie design are Bandit Rubio Designs by Anthony Rubio (those are his pooches on the cover ), Hec-Lin Couture by Roberto Negrin, and Ada Nieves for Pets.

We like that someone took a passion, made it a hobby, which created a trend, that turned into a business – which spawned a book. Plus it connects people – which can never be wrong.

Some may snigger, and we can’t imagine Jack and Ottie in lace cravats or peacock tails – but as Sheryl Crow once sang – if it makes ya ‘yappy’…

(Images found here, here, here and here. Buy the book here)

This post is not sponsored in any way. The book just made us smile after a long, long week. All puns are intentional.

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