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Enough to put you off chocolate for ever – terrifying Easter bunnies.

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4f7c734d4440b I have a friend who is terrified of clowns.  He is a big, husky, rugby fellow – who can be brought to his knees: shivering, weeping and sweating at the sight of Bozo – whether in real life or in a picture. He can’t put an actual date to it – but thinks that he must have encountered a horrible version of  the circus’ favourite funny-man at some point. His parents are both dead so there’s no checking when or why. He refuses to go through desensitization treatment – saying he would rather ‘stay the hell away from the damn things’ than even try and feel comfortable around them. He plays professional rugby – so I am keeping his identity secret – imagine what an opposing front row could do with this info.

Coulrophobia is a common fear … probably stemming from an encounter with an overly energetic, high pitched, tatty haired amateur clown at some point in childhood. It’s the stuff of legends now – even the genius TV show “Modern Family” features Cameron – who ‘clowns-up’ in his sleep when he is stressed. Scaring the crap out of his partner Mitchell in the morning.

I saw these pictures over the weekend and had to share them. These children must all be traumatised. Not to mention the daschund. Welcome to Leporieasterusphobia: The fear of the Easter Bunny.

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(Images found at Happy Place.)

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