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10 questions that will reveal all … (apparently).

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Russian matchbox dancers (public domain)Psychologists say these are the 10 questions you need to ask to truly get to know somebody. Who knows if that’s true – but I read it in a magazine so it must be. As we are always up for a challenge, Camparigirl and I took to the sofa with the Shrink:

Who are you closest to:
sofagirl: sofafamily and Claudia.
camparigirl: My other half, Sue, my childhood friend Silvia, and my mother

What’s your earliest memory:
sofagirl: A suede rub against my arms and shoulders, the sound of a stretching balloon, a tugging feeling. Then the smell of something rubbery.
camparigirl: my 5th birthday – the hotel porch, the white muslin dress I was wearing and a tall chocolate cake

What’s your biggest fear:
sofagirl: Being poor.
camparigirl: Being sick.

Relaxation is:
sofagirl: Floating in warm sea. With a cocktail near by.
camparigirl: Feet up on the sofa. New York Times and New Yorker scattered around me.

What are you best at:
sofagirl: Keeping my word.
camparigirl: Keeping my friendships.

What do you value most in a partner:
sofagirl: My independence being a given and not a threat.
camparigirl: Being allowed to be me.

Tell me something that will shock me:
sofagirl: How can I know what will shock you? Oh I see, if I tell you, you will know what shocks me.
camparigirl: Shock for the sake of shock is over-rated. True shock is scary and unpleasant

Describe the last time you remember feeling really happy:
sofagirl: Yesterday morning – sitting on my mat after some stretches – Jack lying next to me. We were watching a tiny humming bird drink from a bright red flower as the mist of the sprinklers made a little rainbow around him.
camparigirl: Today – with the rain outside and nary a sound in the house (aside for Portia’s snores)

What’s your biggest regret:
sofagirl: I don’t have one.
camparigirl: I don’t even know the meaning of the word.

What’s the one thing you would change about your life
sofagirl: I would worry less about money.
camparigirl: I would worry less.

Well – now you know everything there is to know about us. But how well do you know yourself? Send us your replies and we’ll share it with all our lovely C&S readers.

(pictures: Old Russian Matchbox covers. Found in the public domain.)

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  1. Reblogged this on 29tolife and commented:
    I don’t reblog posts very often, but I do like these questions very much and I’m thinking about my own answers to them. Hmmm. What say you?

    April 11, 2013
  2. silvia

    Ok girls, here I am:
    Who are you closest to: my love, my ci, my parents
    What’s your earliest memory: this is hard, maybe my dad who takes me to the nursery school, I have vivid memories of it
    What’s your biggest fear: ending my days alone, sick and poor (!!!)
    Relaxation is: seeing people around me happy
    What are you best at: liaising with people
    What do you value most in a partner: being in contact with his feminine side
    Tell me something that will shock me: why should I? One thing is telling you two and one is to tell the net!
    Describe the last time you remember feeling really happy: this morning reading your blog that had a therapuetic effect
    What’s your biggest regret: anytime I couldn’t find the right courage to do what was needed
    What’s the one thing you would change about your life: give more trust to the lion that lies in me

    April 2, 2013
  3. Dear Sofagirl and Camparigirl,
    Enjoyed your responses, some of your answers are close to mine. No regrets, would worry less, closest to mother and husband, and earliest memory is at seven years old, on a swing, in Saudi Arabia making up songs and deciding from that moment on, I would never forget anything.
    Greekgirl 🙂

    April 2, 2013

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